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Yes. You read it right. According to reports, there is currently a deficiency of 50,ooo lorry drivers in London. It means that more than 50,000 experts in HGV driving are needed in London to make up the deficiency. This is a huge opportunity for those who love driving, traveling and are interested in just hitting the road to turn that passion into a profitable venture.

Companies, suppliers and distributors are always in constant need of Lorries to transport their raw materials and finished products from one place to the other. Therefore, there will always be need for HGV drivers and it is an investment that will always bear fruit.

Text channels are paid. VoiceMaster Replying to Ernesto Defenestro. That's one of our features that allows us to pay for our servers and maintenance costs. Unfortunately we need to have premium features to keep the bot running. Mas Bro Gaming 6 months ago. This robot is very helpful in making a channel for music. Voicemod is the best voice changer & soundboard with effects for Online Games & Voice Chat Apps. Aug 30, 2019 How to Get Started with Discord. Many people use MorphVOX as their favorite discord voice changer. Get Auto Tuner for Singing – Auto Tune Voice Changer and disguise your voice! Auto-tune is often seen as either a blessing or a curse. Tag: discord autotune voice changer. April 6, 2021 April 6, 2021 Tools by Adam Green. 9 Real-time Voice Changer Software You Probably Didn’t Know Exist.

To be an HGV driver requires a great deal of commitment, hard work and a passion for the work. It is not a job for any kind of people looking to make some extra bucks. It is for people who love driving, traveling and have the discipline and patience to spend hours on the wheel. It requires a high regard for road laws (as they differ from country to country), safety laws and even personal health laws that are necessary for a road driver. They must also be people who are dutiful with record keeping.

The industry has a lot of potentials for people who are passionate. It is very easy to be in control of your own work and to ascend quickly as your expertise and experience increases.

To qualify as an HGV driver in London, you will need to be licensed and this involves some practical and theoretical examinations. We will prepare you with all the skills that are needed for you to excel in the examinations and become a licensed HGV driver. We can help you transform your passion into reality by giving you all the requisite knowledge. We provide HGV training in around London and our services are unbeatable.


What do I need to begin this training?

To be eligible for a place at the HGV training Centre, you will need to above the age of 18. In addition, you must have a UK Car license or must have converted your non-UK car license for use in the United Kingdom.

How do I benefit from this training?

The training will take you 5 days. But getting the license will take you between 8 weeks to 10 weeks. We have training facilities and personnel that ensure we provide the best HGV training in around London. We equip you in all the intricacies of driving the HGV and prepare you to get your license.

What do I need to get the license?

Before you can be licensed as an HGV driver in the UK, you will go through four series of tests.

Auto Tune Voice Changer For Discord

  • Medical test: The medical test seeks to certify that you are at the optimal state of health that can handle the details of the haulage industry as an HGV driver. You will be required to sit with a doctor and go through a medical examination. You will also fill the DVLA form as part of the process. To ensure this process is smooth, we will book an appointment for you with a GP closest to you prior to the medical test.
  • Theory test: This is a written test where you will be asked to answer some questions regarding HGV driving. They are purely multiple choice questions that will be answered on a screen in the test center. To prepare you for the test, you will go through different mock tests. You will also have access to resources and one-on-one training to prepare you for the test.
  • Practical test: The practical test is when you actually drive an HGV vehicle to certify your expertise. We will train you with DSVA experts to actually drive a lorry. We train you until you are ready to take the test. With the intensity of our training and the expertise of our trainers, you will pass the exam at once.

You might also need to get a driver CPC training in addition to the HGV driving license. The driver CPC training certifies you as a professional driver and is necessary especially for some vehicles. If you don’t already have it with your car license, we will train you to get the CPC certification. The CPC training goes through road standards, driver standards and safety standards.

Different type of Licenses

There are different types of licenses that are issued depending on the weight of the car and the additional trailer that can be wheeled with it. Below is a summary explanation of the different HGV licenses that are available.

Type of License Vehicle weight allowed (Kg) Additional trailer weight(kg)

Cat C1 + E 3500-7500 750 and above

Cat C1 3500-7500 less than or equal to 750

Cat C above 3500 less than or equal to 750

Cat C + E above 3500 750 and above

Getting your first job

After you have gotten your license through the best HGV training in around London, you are prepared to land your first job. As a company, we will help you look for contacts for job when you are done with our training. You can get a job with haulage and Logistics Company or work directly with any company that is involved in the distribution of products from one place to another.

Given the shortage that already exist in the market; you will never have to worry about unemployment. Just come to us for your training, get licensed and you are ready to start earning.

Getting started as an HGV driver

The HGV driving world is an interesting world. It involves driving with a location or moving from one state to another. As an HGV driver you will also be involved in lots of documentation. You will need to fill in the items you are carrying and confirm all necessary paperwork.

Apart from that, you will need to keep track of your working hours to ensure that you are not working beyond the expected hours and so you can rest when it is due.

As an HGV driver, you will also need to do some routine preventive and maintenance checks of your vehicles to always make sure they are in an optimal situation.

Your expertise will also be needed when it comes to decision making. You will be faced with poor weather conditions and traffic issues and you will need to decide on the best thing to do in such circumstances.


The HGV driving industry offers lots of potentials. If you invest in this HGV training in around London, you will get the necessary expertise and become licenses to practice. With this, you will be able to start a career that is promising and have lots of future potentials and opportunities.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Voice Changer, Voice Recorder & Editor – Auto tune v1.9.20 (Premium)
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Voice Changer is a voice and music editor for smartphones

The main function of the Voice changer sound editor is to change the voice. Wide functionality: recording audio to a dictaphone with the imposition of effects (voice change auto tune voicemod etc.) converting text to voice.

If necessary the voice editor will reduce the noise making the sound clear. The Voice Changer App will allow you to prank your friends or celebrity: the effects of changing your voice and turning it into something of an alien or even otherworldly origin.

Voice effects presented in the audio editor catalog:

Voice Editor Pro – change voice male to female child and more than 15 more voicemod options;

Changing the speed of sound: the function of setting the speed;

Sound processing effects (change voice create music) for singing entertainment work and subsequent editing: auto tune filters animal voices and others;

In addition to processing voice recorded on a dictaphone the functionality of the voice and music editor is suitable for karaoke lovers. Song recording is possible in different quality: from 32 kbps to 320 kbps. After converting the audio file you can share it with your friends.

Why do you need an audio editor Funny Voice Changer free ?

Have fun with the audio editor. If you love vocals then try changing your voice after recording a song – a good mood is guaranteed. You can make party music.

Play with a coworker voice changer like the Parodist app. Change your boss’s voice to female for a joke? Easily for Voice Processing!

Use as a working tool – a speech converter and synthesizer. Record your voice on a voice recorder free and select the effect that suits your presentation or music.

Auto Tune Voice Changer For Discord

Sound recording studio – a set of sound effects for your smartphone. Change the ringtone alarm sound SMS and other notifications customize the beats. You can use the sound recording function the Chipmunk effect (change the voice) and then put on the call or for gaming.

An additional feature of the sound editor is converting text to voice. The user can change his voice by setting one of 18 filter some of which are quite exotic. Music editor Voice changer – multifunctional mobile sound recording studio.

Modulator Voice Changer will make music creation more convenient comfortable and more enjoyable than for example in Audio Lab. You can make music change your voice and use any other function anywhere. Text scoring is possible with our program. If desired use in third-party programs such as video voiceover.

Music creation in the music editor program allows you to modify any audio effects and record to a voice recorder free offline without the Internet.

In terms of functionality the audio editor does not lose to such voice mod programs as Smule Audiolab Starmaker Voloco.

Our audio editor allows you to surprise your friends with vocals and create music. Recording a voice after it has been replaced or distorted is possible with a few touches. Record a track in different sounds edit music change the sound for Discord calls or video – you can do all this easily without any preparation.

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◉ Premium Features (Unlocked)
◉ Ads (disabled)
◉ Most of Analytics (disabled)
◉ CPUs (Universal)
◉ Google Play’s billing (disabled)
◉ All debug Info (removed)
◉ Original package Signature (Changed)
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