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  • Back Orifice can arrive disguised as a component of practically any software installation. It can be attached to other files or programs or run on its own. It must be run, by itself or by another application. It then installs itself in seconds, typically erases the original, then may run a specified program.
  • Back Orifice is going to be made available to anyone who takes the time to download it read, a lot of bored teenagers.” The product featured image and data capture from any Windows system on a compromised network, an HTTP server allowing unrestricted I/O to and from workstations, a packet sniffer, a keystroke monitor, and software for easy.
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Back Orifice Download

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Back Orifice 2000 is a new version of the famous Back Orifice backdoor trojan (hacker's remote access tool). It was created by the Cult of Dead Cow hackers group in July 1999. Originally the BO2K was released as a source code and utilities package on a CD-ROM.

Back Orifice Download
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Back Orifice Download
Daniel Orifice Flow Calculator 3.0 Description

Daniel Orifice Flow Calculator uses the ASME MFC-3M 1989 equation to determine the rate of fluid flowing for 2' and larger pipe sizes.

Daniel Orifice Flow Calculator uses the ASME MFC-3M 1989 equation to determine the rate of fluid flowing for 2' and larger pipe sizes. It will display the respective ratio, or orifice diameter to pipe diameter, for a given set of input variables. Provided for estimation purposes only, this simple, single-window program assists in sizing an orifice meter and bore size, though the calculated values for the beta ratio are approximate, typically within 2% - 5% for gases and steam, and 1% for liquids. The program's interface provides fields for inputting the operating temperature and pressure, base specific gravity, pipe size and ID, flow rate and type and differential pressure. I found that there are two calculation variables that the program does not take into account - The Reynolds Number correction and the Expansion factor. If no compressibility correction factor is entered, greater inaccuracies will occur for gas calculations with high operating pressures. Still, Daniel Orifice Flow Calculator provides useful assistance in the calculation of orifice diameters for estimation purposes.

OS: Windows

Daniel Measurement and Control
License Type:
25 January, 2012

User Reviews of Daniel Orifice Flow Calculator

  • Very useful application; used it in numerous projects to date.