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YOU CAN Make Hot Beats Simple and Easy with Over 3000 Unique Sounds and Beat Samples. You Get Never Heard Before Instruments and Quality Sounds. Export your Finished Song or Beat Files in Seconds.

BTV Beat Thang Virtual. Exact replica of Beat Thang interface. BTV is an award-winning virtual instrument that brings together a pattern-based sequencer, professional sampler, multi-effect mixer and VST/AU plug-in that turns your computer keyboard into a full-velocity sensitive pad controller. Beat Thang Virtual Beat Production Software Specifications: Intel Mac only, OS X 10.4 or higher, 800MB free disk space, 512MB RAM but 1GB or more is recommended. Pentium 4, Windows XP SP 2 or Vista 32 and Vista 64, 800MB free disk space, 512MB RAM but 512MB or more is recommended. Vocal Audio Legacy Vst Downloads Auto Tune Iphone 6 Guitar Rig 2 Vst Free Download What's Involved In An Auto Tune Up Cooking By The Book Video Download Tune Sweeper Auto Delete Chord Guru Vst Free Download Beat Thang Vst Free Download Download Serum Full Crack. (Software Trial Download Link) (MD5 Crack link)orhtt. Use these high quality sounds straight out the box for your next Hip Hop, Rap or Trap Beat. Make crazy new Bangers with this Kit which comes as a Free Download and step up your production game with smashing 808s and Snares, Hats, Percussions and Melody Loops! Use the files in any DAW including Pro Tools, Reason, Cubase, Studio One, Logic.

YOU CAN Use Your Mouse, Touch Pad or USB Midi Controller to Make Hot Beats Only Minutes After YOU Download Your Beat Thang to Your Computer!!

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BTV Zone is the one stop spot for ALL things BTV Solo! Downloads, video tutorials, tips & tricks, BTV beat making software news and more….

BTV Solo is a brand new beat making software with a hardware style twist… but no hardware is actually needed to set up. You’ll find incredible sounds, cutting edge features and FX, with an interface built for a no-hassle workflow. You’ll start new songs in seconds, and finish them up in just minutes.

Launch BTV Solo in standalone mode, and by using nothing more than your computer keyboard and mouse you’ll unlock all the power of BTV. With over 1,000 included sounds, you’ll write songs, sample, mix, build your own kits and instruments, and master your finished product all on your computer, no need for expensive studios. Open BTV Solo in VST plug-in mode, and it becomes a powerful addition to your professional digital audio workstation.

Get the sounds and the power of BTV Solo beat making software for your Mac or PC now


  • Audio: 24bit / 16bit / 44.1kHz: sampling, playback and export.
  • 16 tracks with playable mute and solo functions to create patterns that can be performed and remixed on the fly.
  • Controller Options: Trigger sounds and functions using your computer keyboard, or any compatible MIDI controller.
  • One octave pad layout with 8 banks so you can bang out beats OR play the keys over 8 octaves.
  • 16 layers of velocity sensitivity per pad for emotive performance. Pad solo and mute for added remix control.
  • Filters, Delays, Reverb, Chorus, Disintegrator, Overdrive, Distortion, Phaser, Pitch shifter, Vibrato Vinyl effect & more.
  • Add BANG with onboard mastering!
  • Import/Export .wav or .aiff files to use and interchange freely between BTV and your DAW.
  • Record your own samples directly into BTV Solo using your computer’s built in mic or line input.
  • Edit samples with waveform view. Set start/end points. Normalize, reverse and resample to customize your sounds.
  • Auto chop allows you to quickly create mash up parts and custom kits from your samples. Bust out that vinyl!
  • Step or Real-time Sequencer. Create patterns in real time using quantize, swing, individual bar lengths and tap tempo.
  • String them together in SONG mode.
  • No load time when you switch beats and kits!
  • Easy to browse file system that syncs with the Beat Thang Hardware.


Okay, you’ve read the product description but I’m sure you want to know how it really stands up, not from a spammy product site that uses buzz words and usually written by a dude spittin’ “lingo” he doesn’t understand, but from someone who can talk to you like you want to be talked to.


I didn’t know what to expect from BTV Solo. I heard good things about Beat Thang from industry friends but nothing about this so it took me a minute before I sat down to it. Thing is, I grew up as a Dj and moved into engineering primarily, with 20 years in audio outside of any beat making. I’ve been around quality sound all my life and producers that took it to the stage, the bar has been set and it will take a serious product to get me to even look.


So anyway, I load up and figure it’s going to take a hot minute before I get it in, to my surprise I was already layering a second instrumental track over the drum kit (STOCK!) that had my neck snapping from jump before I even realized what I had started. The kits all sorted in styles and moods that you can click and you’re ready to go.

South, Boom Bap, Dubstep, B-More, Dancehall, House, Dirty Dutch… as dirty and grimey as you need it for the mixtapes, or as polished as you want it for the club. This is good for me…

Sometimes I wake up at 4 am with an idea in my head and need to get it out. If I have to spend time going through “Kit 01 through 346” I’m going to forget the idea before I even get started. This is clearly not an issue with BTV, since it’s already set up in an easy to navigate, user friendly system.


So I get into some instruments, first thing I look at is keys, found some real vintage sounding stuff. What’s a trip is I’ve paid a lot for single vsti’s just to get one sound vs. the arsenal BTV Solo is practically giving away for the price. I start moving around and find more great sounding stuff, what I like is that they give you some that are quality sounds for a beat making software, made to manipulate and then others that give you the style of a musician being right there, so you don’t have to do anything but hit the key to get the more intricate feel that only a live player can bring to the table.

On the flip side, I like to sometimes play the stock sounds like you normally would, and then manipulate them to sound like they were chopped in a sampler, this does it nicely. Did I mention “Autochop”? Regular beat making software can be tedious when it comes to chopping samples. In BTV, just load up a sample, set the markers, confirm and there it is, play the chopped samples right from your keyboard just like you would on an MPC.


On the topic of hardware style production. They have new hardware-beat making software combos on the market that mimick the old style of drum pad samplers, using hyped up MIDI controllers that look the part, but disconnect the hardware and the program becomes much more difficult to maneuver.

BTV Solo on the other hand, it’s built to be used with or without any extra hardware…

So you pick it up for next to nothing and make beats in the studio or on the couch, and on the plane to your next gig …without the need to have a special controller AKA a $500 mouse.



The load time is another thing that blew me away with BTV Solo. When you go to audition a kit or preset on other beat making software you gotta wait for that 30 seconds “loading” dialog, but with this you can lay down your pattern or hit your keyboard as you click the sounds and they change over instantly so you can see whether this is the sound for the track or not without wasting any time. Love it.


I mean there’s so many things I can get into here, on board mastering, auto chop, vinyl effects… I’m still wrapping my head around what it can do myself. I didn’t really expect so much, and now that I picked up the expansion offer they had going on with extra sounds and VST capabilities, I can interchange with my other workstations! The possibilities are endless, so I’ll just leave it with you. Check out what the platinum record makers are saying below this video, and stay tuned because we’ll be loading up free template kits, video tutorials and lots more as we get with the program.



DALLAS AUSTINBTV Ambassador And Co-creator; 2x Grammy Award Winning Producer & Songwriter

(Michael Jackson, Madonna, Monica, TLC,, Pink, Chris Brown, J. Lo, Lady Gaga)

“We wanted to create a product for all the people who aspired to be record producers but didn’t know where to start, or they didn’t know how to get the equipment, or it wasn’t really accessible. That’s why we went back and created BTV Solo.”

“Everything that we could possibly think of – we tried to put into this device. The sounds in the box – they’ve been made over a long time. It’s the type of thing we don’t usually give up in this industry. We usually don’t offer our sounds to anybody. Your sound is everything… its what you are as a producer. Its what you are emotionally.”

TRICKY STEWARTGrammy Winning Producer

(Beyonce “Single Ladies”, Rihanna – “Umbrella”, Ludacris, Mary J Blige, Katy Perry “Teenage Dream”)

“One of the greatest inventions in music.”

“The functionality of it is really great. I think it’s laid out very well for a producer.”

“It seems to be one of the best workstations that I’ve seen as far as an all-encompassing machine of creativity.”

DRUMMA BOYMulti Award Winning And Chart Topping Producer)

– Waka Flocka “No Hands”

– Young Jeezy “Put On”

– Drake, Rick Ross, Snoop, T.I., Wiz Khalifa

“I got one. I’m using it. I support this.”

JERMAINE DUPRIIconic Producer/Artist

(So So Def – Jay-Z, Fabolous, Chris Brown, Destiny’s Child, Janet Jackson, Usher, Bow Wow, TLC)

“If you are a real producer then you’re familiar with these guys.”

“I think its brilliant. I don’t even know what to call this. I don’t think this is a drum machine…
..its like a workstation. It’s a workstation.”

“I got mine. I’m going to be on it before y’all [laughs]!”

“COMMISSIONER” GORDON WILLIAMSMultiple Grammy Winning Engineer/Mixer

(The Roots, Lauren Hill, Damien Marley)

“What you have here with the Beat Thang is something that you haven’t seen before.

This is for real. You’re going to hear a lot more about it

You’re going to hear it on records you’re going to see it in movies…its going to be all over the world.”

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Btv Beat Thang Virtual

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