Best Free Fractal Software


There are many fractal generators, or software programs, to choose from if you are interested in creating your own fractal art. Listed below you will find an extensive list of over 35 Windows & MAC fractal programs. Each of these fractal programs are unique, with advantages and disadvantages, and often offer features which are unique to that individual program. Some of these fractal generators are free, others are shareware/trialware, where you can use them for a limited time, or with limited features available. I have given brief descriptions for these fractal programs, and also my 'take' for the ones that I have used.

Tiera-zon is my favorite fractal program & the one that I have used for years to create the. Fractal Software FRAX (99 cents). This is an app for iPhones and iPads, and it is the best touch screen fractal explorer EVER made. Wildfire is a free and user-friendly image-processing software, mostly known for its sophisticated flame. Fractal Simulations. Create different.

Fractal Generator Software

On this page you can download, or find links to download, most of the major fractal software programs available for both Windows & MAC operating systems. You will also find online fractal generators where you can explore fractals online and in real time.

I often get asked questions about software programs indirectly related to fractals. These questions are often directed at post processing images, converting image formats, how to unzip the downloaded programs etc., so I have also included several other software programs that you may find helpful at the bottom of this page. If you have questions about the fractal creation process, which programs I recommend etc. be sure to check out my Fractal FAQ's page, which should help answer many of your questions!

NOTE: Because I use Windows programs I am unable to answer most specific MAC based questions. Offsite links listed in the descriptions below will open in new browser tab, or window.