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May 31, 2021 Boardmaker Plus! Offers all the same features as Boardmaker for creating print-based materials, and it doesn't stop there. Boardmaker Plus! Transforms your paper activities – and your students' learning experience on the computer with sound, animation and video. With Boardmaker Plus!, Writing activities, games and more in 44 languages. Boardmaker Online is a complete system for delivering personalized instruction and therapy while also measuring student progress. Download a free 30-day trial of Boardmaker Online now. Boardmaker 7 is the premier tool to help educators create, edit and share teaching materials. Save time with searchable, ready-made material and curricula for students of all ages and ability levels. Enjoy an intuitive interface with the ability to easily edit interactive or print templates.

by Tobii Dynavox

Transforming the way you create learning materials. And the way your students learn from them.

Available now in Australia on USB with PCS Classic: 2000-2012 Addendums and more PCS !

Boardmaker Studio continues – and makes massive strides in improvement – on the tradition of the Boardmaker Software Family, the most popular tools for creating and adapting classroom materials!

Boardmaker Studio delivers your favourite Boardmaker Software Family features, like your choice of authoring and editing tools, thousands of Picture Communication Symbols (PCS), hundreds of time-saving templates and more.

New Easy-to-find Content

Looking for fun-filled activities to complement your lessons and challenge your students? Looking to save time creating them for your classroom? Now, with Boardmaker Studio, you can consider it done!

Find hundreds of time-savers, like easy-to-use Studio Starter Templates and Gadgets, that mean fast solutions for you and fun-filled activities for your students.

An Easy-to-use Interface that Gets Work Done

Easy on the eyes
Boardmaker Studio boasts a design that’s efficient and straightforward, making it easy-to-use. And with a clear toolbar, familiar menus and icons, organised templates and convenient project management tools, Boardmaker Studio is also easy to learn.

New Online Connect Dashboard

A true support system
Boardmaker Studio pulls out all of the stops to help you achieve classroom goals. With that much power, Boardmaker Studio Connect Dashboard was created to help you; it is your gateway to the activities you’re creating with Boardmaker Studio. It also instantly connects you with the community of Boardmaker Software Family users on Boardmaker Community!

A fresh spin on a familiar favourite

Boardmaker Studio stays true to is roots, and is a great tool for creating printed activities that are so important for teaching students with disabilities. Use Boardmaker Studio to import, edit and improve all of your Boardmaker print activities and most of your interactive Boardmaker Plus activities, too.

View Boardmaker Family Product Features Comparison to see the features of Boardmaker Studio, Boardmaker Plus! and Boardmaker.

Why should you consider Boardmaker Studio in preference to Boardmaker or Boardmaker Plus! Version 6?

Boardmaker Studio is most useful if you…

  1. Are new to Boardmaker and don’t have a particular preference for the traditional Boardmaker user interface;
  2. Are familiar with Microsoft Office-type applications and prefer to use software with those familiar icons and menus;
  3. Are uncomfortable using many of the advanced interactive features of Boardmaker Plus! but may be willing to create activities from the powerful Studio Starter templates built into Boardmaker Studio;
    Remember! It’s faster to create professional print and interactive activities. With over 150 pre-made templates, all you have to do is add symbols to each activity.
  4. Need to adapt lots of activities on various instructional topics for students with diverse needs ( as Boardmaker Studio lets you create and adapt activities faster than you could with Boardmaker Plus!);
    Remember! It’s easier to create activities from scratch. Simply drag pre-programmed tools (gadgets) onto your workspace to add sorting bins, timers, spinners and more to your activities.
  5. And/or do not want to have to rely on keeping the CD handy for use on your installation of Boardmaker Studio.

For more details read on…

Depending on the tools you’re using, it can take time you don’t have to create materials for your classroom. Boardmaker Studio does all of the hard work for you with content that lets you create more activities more quickly.

Boardmaker software, free download

Studio Starters
Starters are a collection of tools already included in Boardmaker Studio. Use Studio Starter Templates to save time creating fun-filled activities. Then, use Studio Gadgets, Studio Reward Animations and sound effects from the Studio Sound Library to dress them up!

Studio Additions
Studio Additions are additional tools available for purchase. Choose from additional PCS Collections, built around topic areas, in the Classic, Persona and ThinLine styles.

Easy on the eyes
Worried about learning new software? Don’t be. Boardmaker Studio features an interface that speaks to you with a clear toolbar, recognisable menus and icons, obvious navigation tools, templates organised by category and convenient project management tools. Designed to be familiar to people who use Microsoft Office, Boardmaker Studio is easy to learn and easy to use. And, it complements features of Boardmaker Plus!, Boardmaker and Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro, while bringing style to the table.


Where the magic happens
With Designer, you create, edit and play your Projects in a few swift motions. In Boardmaker Studio, each activity can be a series of pages, and any activity you create is stored as a single Project. No more folders full of pages for a single book!

Interested in making good even better? Use Boardmaker Studio to import, edit and improve all of your Boardmaker print materials, and most of your Boardmaker Plus! materials, too. When you import your Boardmaker materials, take advantage of the new Project filing system, where all related boards are stored in a single project file.

The Toolbar

Make getting creative easy
Put cool tools to good use with the easy-to-use toolbar. Like any toolbar, you can use it to perform common functions, like opening and saving projects, undo and redo, and to quickly access the drawing tool and more. It also lets you add objects, like buttons, labels and lines to your page. To add a button, simply drag a button onto your page. There are multiple button types to choose from, including the Symbolate button, which lets you type with symbols and text in seconds.

The Navigation

Find your way. Fast
To make your life easier and your activities come together faster, Boardmaker Studio features the new Navigation pane. It lets you quickly access and edit pages and object settings, like content, font, colour and styles, and add symbols and Gadgets through the Project, Properties, Symbols and Gadgets panels.

Projects panel
The Project panel displays the activities and pages in the currently open project so you can see the different pages of your projects at a glance. Want to reorder the pages of your activity? Just drag the pages up or down the list.

Properties panel
A powerful tool, the Properties panel shows you all the settings needed to make changes to the look or function of the page, or objects on the page. Change the background colour of an activity. Add a symbol to a button. Change the symbol layout and look of multiple buttons at the same time. And more.

Symbols panel
The Symbols Panel is a great way to quickly add symbols into several buttons or a grid. Look for the perfect symbols in the symbol category folders, or enter a search term to search for a specific symbol.

Gadgets panel
A huge time-saver, Gadgets are pre-programmed buttons and objects you can drag onto a page to build or enhance an activity. Organised by functionality, Gadgets can be used to create activities with draggable buttons, add timers to your screen and so much more.

Boardmaker Studio Dashboard is your gateway to all of the activities you’re creating with Boardmaker Studio.

The Dashboard is the first screen that appears when you open Boardmaker Studio. It gives you quick access to activities stored on your computer and on, as well as buttons for the most common Boardmaker Studio tasks.

The Dashboard bridges the gap between Boardmaker Studio and From the Dashboard, you can quickly search for your activities that are stored locally or in your My Boardmaker account online and edit them in Boardmaker Studio.

Want to get started right away?
Right from Dashboard, you can start a new activity from scratch, choose from a variety of templates to save time, and access projects you’re working on.

Already using Boardmaker Plus!, Boardmaker or Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro?
If you’re already a fan of the other products in the Boardmaker Software Family, this is how Studio will work for you.

Compatibility Details

  • Print boards created in Boardmaker / Boardmaker Plus! / Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro will convert in Boardmaker Studio.
  • Most Interactive boards created in Boardmaker Plus! / Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro will convert in Boardmaker Studio. Some animations may need to be adapted.
  • All projects created in Boardmaker Studio will not convert in Boardmaker / Boardmaker Plus! / Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro.
  • Boardmaker, Boardmaker Plus! and Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro Add-ons may not convert in Boardmaker Studio. Version 6 Curriculum Companions will not convert in Boardmaker Studio.
  • All projects created in Boardmaker Studio are compatible with Boardmaker Online and vice versa

*Symbol libraries (PC2 files) can be imported into Boardmaker Studio and used as before, but will not take advantage of advanced search capabilities.

Videos about Boardmake Studio

  • Windows 10, 8 (not Windows RT or Tablet edition), 7, Vista, XP – Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Editions
  • 1 GHz or faster processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 900 MB of available hard-disk space for installation
  • USB port for installation only
  • Internet connection required for registration and access to only


Simple Touch: Normal mouse-style selection
Touch Enter: Objects must be pressed for a minimum time
Touch Exit: Objects must be pressed for a minimum time and are then selected on release
Scanning: Objects are highlighted in a specific pattern, then selected when the highlight is on the desired object

  1. Switch (Autoscan): Highlight moves at a specified rate, and a switch is used to select
  2. Switch: Highlight is moved using one switch, and selected using a second switch

Boardmaker Free Trial Offer

Mouse Pause: Objects are selected by pausing the mouse over them for a minimum time

View / Download

  • Boardmaker Studio Product Brochure (911 KB)
  • Boardmaker Studio Getting Started Guide (4.3 MB)
  • Boardmaker Studio 1.5 FAQs (232 KB)
  • Boardmaker Studio 1.5 Network Install Guide (163 KB)
  • Boardmaker Studio ANZ Trial version for Windows

Online Training and Webinars

  • Free Pre-recorded Online Webinar by Spectronics is available for this product View recorded Online Training Webinar for Boardmaker Studio

Boardmaker Studio is targeted at the following age ranges:

Boardmaker 7 Editor Download

  • All Ages
Boardmaker Free Trial Download

Boardmaker Studio is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Early concepts
  • Literacy
  • Communication
  • Resource preparation
  • Use of assistive technology

Boardmaker Free Trial Download Pc

Users can access Boardmaker Studio in the following ways:

Mayer Johnson Boardmaker Free Download

  • Mouse/ Trackball/ Joystick
  • Keyboard
  • IntelliKeys
  • Touchscreen/ IWB
  • Single Switch
  • Multiple Switches
  • Tracker Pro (USB)

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit: