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Your browser doesn't support frames! Click here to go to the main page. BridgeBuilder is a simple puzzle game designed for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. The goal is to build a bridge which will not collapse when a vehicle crosses. The game features a simple drawing interface and over 80 challenging levels. New features and levels will appear each month. Bridge Builder is a free construction game, where you have to build bridges. In this online bridge-building simulator you get to try your hand at being an architect. Use your tight budget to plan a bridge that is safe and stable enough to allow a fully loaded truck to pass over it. Draw lines and connect them.

Weslands – bridge 1
Weslands – bridge 2
Weslands – bridge 3
Weslands – bridge 4

Weslands – bridge 5
Weslands – bridge 6
Weslands – bridge 7
Weslands – bridge 8

Central Maindland – bridge 1
Central Maindland – bridge 2
Central Maindland – bridge 3
Central Maindland – bridge 4

Central Maindland – bridge 5
Central Maindland – bridge 6
Central Maindland – bridge 7
Central Maindland – bridge 8

The Ridge:

The Ridge – bridge 1
The Ridge – bridge 2
The Ridge – bridge 3
The Ridge – bridge 4

The Ridge – bridge 5
The Ridge – bridge 6
The Ridge – bridge 7
The Ridge – bridge 8

Eastern Mainland:

Eastern Mainland – bridge 1
Eastern Mainland – bridge 2
Eastern Mainland – bridge 3
Eastern Mainland – bridge 4

Eastern Mainland – bridge 5
Eastern Mainland – bridge 6
Eastern Mainland – bridge 7
Eastern Mainland – bridge 8


Tamasse – bridge 1
Tamasse – bridge 2
Tamasse – bridge 3
Tamasse – bridge 4

Tamasse – bridge 5
Tamasse – bridge 6
Tamasse – bridge 7
Tamasse – bridge 8

Tiltin North:

Tiltin North – bridge 1
Tiltin North – bridge 2
Tiltin North – bridge 3
Tiltin North – bridge 4

Tiltin North – bridge 5
Tiltin North – bridge 6
Tiltin North – bridge 7
Tiltin North – bridge 8

Tiltin West:

Tiltin West – bridge 1
Tiltin West – bridge 2
Tiltin West – bridge 3
Tiltin West – bridge 4

Tiltin West – bridge 5
Tiltin West – bridge 6
Tiltin West – bridge 7
Tiltin West – bridge 8

Tiltin East:

Tiltin East – bridge 1
Tiltin East – bridge 2
Tiltin East – bridge 3
Tiltin East – bridge 4

Tiltin East – bridge 5
Tiltin East – bridge 6
Tiltin East – bridge 7
Tiltin East – brid`+ge 8


Weslands – puente 1
Weslands – puente 2
Weslands – puente 3
Weslands – puente 4
Weslands – puente 5
Weslands – puente 6
Weslands – puente 7
Weslands – puente 8

Central Mainland:

Central Maindland – puente 1
Central Maindland – puente 2
Central Maindland – puente 3
Central Maindland – puente 4
Central Maindland – puente 5
Central Maindland – puente 6
Central Maindland – puente 7
Central Maindland – puente 8

The Ridge:

The Ridge -puente 1
The Ridge -puente 2
The Ridge -puente 3
The Ridge -puente 4
The Ridge -puente 5
The Ridge -puente 6
The Ridge -puente 7
The Ridge -puente 8

Eastern Mainland:

Eastern Mainland -puente 1
Eastern Mainland -puente 2
Eastern Mainland -puente 3
Eastern Mainland -puente 4
Eastern Mainland -puente 5
Eastern Mainland -puente 6
Eastern Mainland -puente 7
Eastern Mainland -puente 8


Tamasse -puente 1
Tamasse -puente 2
Tamasse -puente 3
Tamasse -puente 4
Tamasse -puente 5
Tamasse -puente 6
Tamasse -puente 7
Tamasse -puente 8

Tiltin North:

Tiltin North – puente 1
Tiltin North – puente 2
Tiltin North – puente 3
Tiltin North – puente 4
Tiltin North – puente 5
Tiltin North – puente 6
Tiltin North – puente 7
Tiltin North – puente 8

Tiltin West:

Tiltin West – puente 1
Tiltin West – puente 2
Tiltin West – puente 3
Tiltin West – puente 4
Tiltin West – puente 5
Tiltin West – puente 6
Tiltin West – puente 7
Tiltin West – puente 8

Tiltin East:

Tiltin East – puente 1
Tiltin East – puente 2
Tiltin East – puente 3
Tiltin East – puente 4
Tiltin East – puente 5
Tiltin East – puente 6
Tiltin East – puente 7
Tiltin East – puente 8

Files >Download West Point Bridge Designer 2016 (Windows) - (FREE!)

The Bridge Designer 2016 is a free educational software package designed to provide middle-school and high-school students with a realistic introduction to engineering through the design of a steel highway bridge. To install the Bridge Designer, download and run the appropriate setup file below.

The West Point Bridge Design Contest is a nationwide Internet-based competition intended to promote math, science, and technology education in U.S. middle schools and high schools. The contest provides students with a realistic introduction to engineering through an engaging, hands-on design experience.

The West Point Bridge Designer will introduce you to engineering through an authentic, hands-on design experience. Official software used to enter the West Point Bridge Design Contest. This software provides you with the tools to model, test, and optimize a steel highway bridge, based on realistic specifications, constraints, and performance criteria.

Your objective is to create an optimal bridge design. An optimal design is one that satisfies all of the design specifications, passes a simulated load test, and costs as little as possible.

How the West Point Bridge Designer Works

When you use the West Point Bridge Designer, you will experience the engineering design process in simplified form. You will design a highway bridge in much the same way that practicing civil engineers design real highway bridges.

  • You will be presented with a requirement to design a steel truss bridge to carry a two-lane highway across a river.
  • You may choose from a wide variety of different site configurations for your bridge. Each will cause your bridge to carry in a different way, and each has a different.
  • You will develop a design for your bridge by drawing a picture of it on your computer screen.
  • Once your first design attempt is complete, the West Point Bridge Designer will test your bridge, to see if it is strong enough to carry the specified highway loads. This test includes a full-color animation showing a truck crossing your bridge. If your design is strong enough, the truck will be able to cross it successfully; if not, the structure will collapse.
  • If your bridge collapses, you can strengthen it by changing the properties of the structural components that make up the bridge, or by changing the configuration of the bridge itself.
  • Once your bridge can successfully carry the highway loading without collapsing, you can continue to refine your design, with the objective of minimizing its cost while still ensuring that it is strong enough to carry the specified loads.

The West Point Bridge Designer gives you complete flexibility to create designs using any shape or configuration you want. Creating the design is fast and easy, so you can experiment with many different alternative configurations as you work toward the best possible solution. The process you will use is quite similar to the process used by practicing civil engineers as they design real structures. Indeed, the West Point Bridge Designer itself is quite similar to the computer-aided design (CAD) software used by practicing engineers, and it will help you in the same way that CAD software helps them--by taking care of the heavy-duty mathematical calculations, so that you can concentrate on the creative part of the design process.


System Requirements

WPBD 2016 is available in two formats:

Bridge Builder Game Downloads

  • WPBD 2016 for Windows - Requires Windows XP or newer.
  • WPBD 2016 for Macintosh - Requires Mac OS X 10.7.3 (Lion) or later

This is the only version of the software that can be used for the 2016 Engineering Encounters Bridge Design Contest.

Disclaimer: This software was formerly known as the West Point Bridge Designer. It is now maintained and distributed by Engineering Encounters–a private, non-profit organization that is not affiliated with the U.S. government or the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

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