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Yes, it’s true! You can record videos on your EOS 450D / Rebel XSi, but only when tethered to your PC/Laptop via the USB cable. For me this is ideal, as it means I can get decent quality footage of the band using tripod and laptop. Some peope don’t know why you’d bother doing this, as you can get good quality footage off a webcam. Well here’s some reasons: you can use your decent lenses to get better low light footage, and you can use the tremendous power of a zoom lens plus 5x zoom mode to get some really nice closeups!

You need to download the latest version of “EOS Camera Movie Record” from I’m using version 0.1.4

ExtraWebcam is the software that enables you to use Canon PowerShot and EOS series cameras as regular webcams for video conferencing, video recording, remote area monitoring and other webcam tasks. What's new in EOS Camera Movie Record 0.3.3 Beta: Added mouse-wheel patch by insaner. EOS Camera Movie Record is a self-explanatory Mac OS X application capable to display and record the video feed from your Canon DSLR on your computer's hard disk. From EOS Camera Movie Record's main window you can instantly initialize and stop the recording.

You’ll also find the installation file on this Sourceforge Page, and project details here.

You’ll also need to have installed the Canon USB drivers so that your camera can talk to your PC. I’d advise exiting Canon’s EOS Utility (in the preferences you can tell it not to run every time you connect the 450D) before running “EOS Camera Movie Record”, which should appear in your start menu.

Now then, assuming your camera is on, and connected to USB, when you run “EOS Camera Movie Record” you should hear the familiar sound of the EOS 450D’s shutter popping up, just as it does during Live View mode. A few seconds later you should see the real time video feed in the program window, which ought to look something like this:

  • The resolution is 848 x 560, at somewhere around 20 frames per second, depending.
  • If you have a ‘cannot initialize’ error, take our your memory card
  • To change the default file location, click on the … icon
  • To alter the camera’s aperture, first click the ‘DOF’ button, then once its depressed you can selected your desired f-number
  • When ready to record, hit ‘Write!’
  • I’m not sure what the maximum file size is yet, but i suspect it can’t go beyond 8gb because of Windows
  • To ease the load on your CPU, deselect the ‘Show captured image’ button. Make sure your camera’s in focus though!


Now, some folks will have you believe that you can’t access any of the camera’s functions once the program has started. NOT TRUE!

Assuming you have Live View enabled, once EOS Camera Movie Record is running, just hit your normal Live View button. You should see Live View on the camera screen, AND on the PC. Now you can adjust: exposure, aperture, WB, ISO, and you can even engage autofocus (depending on which Live View focus mode you have set in the camera’s custom options).

You can even engage the 5x zoom mode, and it transfers across to PC. For some reason 10X doesn’t work. With a telephoto lens, you can use this tip to get some seriously zoomed footage, and record it to video. This lets you use the full power of your sensor and lens.

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How To Download Canon EOS Utility – Features – Download Link Below

Canon 450d Firmware

Have you lost your Canon EOS Utility CD and need to download this program? If you lost your CD, and need to re-install, use this download link to download the full Windows version (Sorry Mac users). Use this program to control your Canon camera remotely, allowing the user to change a variety of camera settings. (Ex. ISO settings, camera aperture settings, and more…). Photos are transferred through a mini USB to USB tether and saved onto the connected computers’ hard drive.

Supports the following Canon series cameras :

Canon EOS 7D

-5D Mark III
-5D Mark II
-Rebel XS
-Most Canon Cameras

Download Canon EOS Utility

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Download 'Canon EOS Utility' HERE - No CD Required For Canon Capture Software, 7.1 out of 10 based on 84 ratings

Canon Eos 450d Specs

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