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Overall, Chaos academy is an excellent card battle game with much deeper and more strategic gameplay than similar titles, as well as charming, anime-style graphics and spectacular animations. As if that weren't enough, this game also offers more than 300 different cards spread out over five different factions. Download the latest versions of the modified games in which it will be easier for you to complete various missions and tasks. Android (215) Apple (141) Novelty. Chaos Faction 2 is the second episode of Chaos Faction, a fast-paced and intense arena fighting game! Developer Chaos Faction 2 was made by EON. Platform Web browser. More Games In This Series. Android Version: 4.1. Goddess: Primal Chaos - a full-fledged Russian-language version of the popular Asian MMORPG. Gamers will find themselves in a fantasy world where there is a never-ending war of mankind against the monsters. This cocktail is also involved goddess, representatives of the world of spirits and many other factions, which also.

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Chaos Academy is a card game with a solid object, where your goal is to destroy your enemy … before they do the same to you! To do so, unlock all the soldiers, traps, and spells this game has to offer on the battlefield.

At Chaos Academy, battles are fought on a 4×4 grid. Similar to Hearthstone, players get a new mana point each, which they can use to play cards. Often, the more expensive card points, the more powerful, and better skills.

Chaos Academy has a variety of cards. For example, each type of soldier has different attack and defense figures and special abilities, and will remain in play until he is destroyed by the enemy. Spells, on the other hand, have quick effects. During the war, you can also decide whether to play the cards face up or down. Play the card face down, and your opponent will not know what it is until one of his soldiers tries to attack it, where the hidden card will appear. This little variation of the game means you can set destructive traps.


All in all, Chaos academy is an excellent card war game with deeper and more straightforward gameplay than similar themes, as well as attractive, anime style graphics and stunning graphics. As if that wasn’t enough, the game also offers more than 300 different cards distributed over five different teams.


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Chaos Faction 1 Download For Android Emulator

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