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US CMA CMA USA study material. Each exam part will consist of 100 multiple choice questions and two 30-minute essay questions. You will have 3 hours to complete the multiple choice section and one hour to complete the essays. The essays will be presented after you have completed the multiple choice section of the exam or after 3 hours. CMA Part 1 Study Plan ¨ [email protected] ¨ 1-281-652-5768 ¨ Page 1 How to Use Your HOCK Study Materials The HOCK study materials for the CMA exams consist of a suite of study materials that has been developed for use as an integrated program. This Study Plan will include references to all of the. Also, part of knowing how to study for the CMA is being able to visualize how much free time you have and how much you need to allot to studying. It will make balancing your 9-5 and studying so much easier. “A man who dares waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” – Charles Darwin. Keep an eye out for procrastination. CERTIFIED MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT (CMA) - PART 1 From the Desk of Muhammad Zain – Founder of Zain Academy Page 4 of 154 07 October 2018 Dear CMAs, It is my great honor to present you the 2ND edition of Certified Management Accountant (CMA) – Part 1 – Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance, and Control Study Notes. These Study Notes are not copyrighted and are universally.

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Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Part 1 - PDF Preview

by Muhammad Zain

CMA Part 1 - Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance and Control - 2019

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CMA Study Material: The course Institute of Cost & Works Accountants (ICWA) has recently modified or renamed as Institute of Cost & Management Accountants (CMA) as there is no differences in both the courses and is governed by Cost & Management Accountancy in India. The professionals identified and changed the name of ICWAI to CMA where ICWA stands for Institute of Cost & Work Accountants whereas CMA stands for Cost & Management Accounting. The Cost & Management Accountant Course deals with the strategic management decisions with respect to economic activities of an organization.

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The Cost & Management Accounting must have knowledge in cost & financial management to ensure the balance between expenditures & available resources. ICWA is a job assured course that secures immediate career towards market tendencies whereas CMA course is a profession that have a good social status and is expected to collect, assimilate, analyze and collate financial information from all areas of an organization. Let’s look for the details regarding levels and study material of CMA course.

CMA Study Materials For All Levels

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Cost & Management Accountants course comprises of three levels viz. Foundation, Inter and Final. Now, let’s look for the details regarding ICWA study materials of CMA Foundation, Inter and Final.

ICWA Study Materials for CMA Foundation, Inter & Final

Look down for study materials regarding CMA foundation, inter and final.

CMA Study Material for Foundation (Dec 2017)

CMA Foundation study material comprises of following subjects.

P1- Fundamentals of Economics & Management:

The subject ‘Fundamentals of Economics & Management’ is categorized into two parts viz. Fundamentals of Economics and Fundamentals of Management in which Fundamentals of Economics consists of concepts related to Basic concepts of economics which include utility, wealth, production, capital, concepts of demand & supply etc.; Market types; National Income; Money concepts, An Overview of Indian Economy and many more whereas Fundamentals of Management consists of concepts related to Management process which comprises of concepts like planning, organizing, staffing & control etc.; Classical, Neo-classical and Modern concepts of Management; Concepts of Power, Authority, Responsibility, Centralization & Decentralization; Leadership & Motivation concepts and theories; Decision-Making concepts and many more.

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P2 – Fundamentals of Accounting:

Fundamentals of Accounting comprises of two different categories viz. Fundamentals of Financial Accounting and Fundamentals of Cost & Management Accounting. Fundamentals of Financial Accounting comprises of concepts like Accounting process, Reconciliation statement, Accounting & Depreciation, Preparation of Final Accounts and Accounting of special transactions etc. and Fundamentals of Cost & Management Accounting comprises of Fundamentals of Cost Accounting, Preparation of Cost Statements, Fundamentals of Management Accounting – basic knowledge and its applications.

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P3 – Fundamentals of Laws & Ethics:

Syllabus for Fundamentals of Laws and Ethics comprises of three sections like Section A, B and Section C in which Section A and Section B are related to Fundamentals of Commercial Laws and Fundamentals of Industrial Laws and finally Section C is related to Fundamentals of Ethics. Fundamentals of Commercial & Industrial Laws comprises of laws of contracts; laws relating to sale of goods; negotiable instruments act; Indian partnership act; factories act; payment of wages act; employees state insurance act, child labour prohibition & regulation act etc. Fundamentals of Ethics comprises of aspects like Ethics – meaning & importance; Seven Principles of Public Life; relationship between ethics & law.

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P4 – Fundamentals of Business Mathematics & Statistics:

Fundamentals of Business Mathematics include concepts relating to Arithmetic, Algebra and Calculus which comprises of topics like Reasoning concepts, Simple & Compound Interests, Set Theory and simple applications of Venn Diagram, Logarithms, Indices, Permutations & Combinations, Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations, Matrices, Derivatives, Heights & Distances etc. Fundamentals of Business Statistics include concepts like Statistical Representation of Data, Measures of Central Tendency & Dispersion, Correlation & Regression, Index Numbers, Time Series Analysis including Moving Averages, Probability and Theoretical Distribution etc.

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CMA study material for Inter (Dec 2017)

P5 – Financial Accounting:

It consists of different topics under 6 sections which include Generally Accepted Accounting Principles & Accounting Systems, Preparation of Accounts, Control of Accounting Systems, Accounting in Service Sectors, Accounting for Special Transactions, Accounting for Banking, Electricity & Insurance Companies.

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P6 – Laws, Ethics & Governance:

Topics related to Laws, Ethics & Governance include Industrial & Economic Laws like Laws relating to Sale of Goods, Laws related to Employees, Laws of Contracts, Payment of Wages Act, Partnership Laws, Prevention of Money Laundering Act, Negotiable Instruments Act, Corporate Laws and Governance, Ethical Conflicts, Business and many more.

Download PDF: Click Here

P7 – Direct Taxation:

It comprises of three sections which include Income Tax Act, Income Computation, Taxation of individuals include non-residents, Hindu undivided family, Firms, LLP, Tax Planning & Tax Management, Association of Persons etc., Wealth Tax, International Taxation and many more.

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P8 – Cost accounting and financial management

Download PDF: Click Here

P9 – Operation Management Information System:

This concept comprises of aspects relating to Operations Management, Production Planning, Productivity Management, Total Quality Management, Information System – Analysis & Design, DBMS, ERP, Cyber-Law and E-Commerce etc.

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P10 – Cost & Management Accounting:

Topics included in Cost & Management Accounting are Decision Making Tools, Budgeting & Budgetary Control, Standard Costing & Variance Analysis, Learning Curve, Introduction to Financial Management, Tools for Financial Analysis & Planning, Working Capital Management, Capital Budgeting – Investment Decisions and many more.

Download PDF: Click Here

P11 – Indirect Taxation:

The topics included in Indirect Taxation are Canons of Taxation – Indirect Taxes, Central Excise, Customs Laws, Exim Policy, Service Tax, Central Sales Tax Act & VAT Act and Basic Concepts of International Taxation & Transfer Pricing in the context of Indirect Taxation.

Download PDF: Click Here

P12 – Company Accounts & Audit:

Company Accounts & Audit comprises of topics like Accounting of Shares & Debentures, Presentation of Financial Statements, Cash-Flow Statement, Accounts of Banking, Electricity & Insurance Companies, Accounting Standards, Auditing concepts and Provision relating to Audit under Companies Act etc.

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CMA Study Material for Final (Dec 2017)

P13 – Corporate Laws & Compliance:

Corporate Laws & Compliance consists of topics like Companies Act – rules and regulations prescribed under special reference, Company formation & conversion; procedure for alteration of Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association; Investments & Loans; Board Meetings & Procedures; Prevention of oppression and Mismanagement; Audits under Companies Act, Corporate winding up and dissolution; Offences & penalties; E-governance; Corporate Governance; Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business etc.

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P14 – Advanced Financial Management:

The topics covered under Advanced Financial Management are Financial Markets & Institutions; Commodity Exchange; Infrastructure Financing; Financial Risk Management; Types of Financial Risks; Financial Risk Management & International Decisions; Security Analysis & Portfolio Management; Investment Decisions under uncertainty; international investments and Investments in advanced technological environment.

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P15 – Business Strategy & Strategic Cost Management:

This concept consists of topics like Business Strategy; Strategy Development; Strategic Cost Management & Control; Strategic Decision-Making; Budgetary Control & Standard Costing in Profit Planning; Cost of Quality & Total Quality Management etc.

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P16 – Tax Management & Practice:

Tax Management & Practice include topics like Central Excise, Customs Law, Export promotion schemes, foreign trade policies, Central Sales Tax & VAT Act, Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Case studies related to Tax Practice & Procedures etc.

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P17 – Strategic Performance Management:

The topics covered under this subject are Performance Management and its conceptual framework; IT & Econometric tool in Performance Management, Strategic Performance Evaluation & Management Tools; Economic efficiency of the firm- impact analysis of performance; Enterprise Risk Management; Performance Evaluation & Corporate Failure etc.

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P18 – Corporate Financial Reporting:

It comprises of topics like Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Business Combinations – Accounting & Reporting; Sustainability Accounting; Voluntary Disclosures; Consolidated Financial Statements; Group Financial Statements; Developments in Financial Reporting and Government Accounting in India.

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P19 – Cost & Management Audit:

Cma Part 1 Gleim Book Free Download

The topics include Cost Accounting Record Rules; Cost Accounting Standards; Management Reporting under Cost Audit; Cost Audit & Assurance Standards; Internal & Operational Audit and Case Study on Performance Analysis etc.

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Cma Part 1 Study Material Free Download Word

P20 – Financial Analysis & Business Valuation:

Cma Study Material Free Download

The topics covered under Financial Analysis & Business Valuation include Financial Modelling – Concepts & application; Analysis of Cash Flow statement; Analysis of Profitability; Analysis of Statement of Shareholder’s Equity; Analysis of Balance Sheet & Income Statement; Analysis of Growth & Sustainable Earnings, Business Valuation Basics; Valuation in Mergers & Acquisitions; Fair Value in Accounting Measurement and Valuation of Intangibles.

Cma Part 1 Study Material free. download full

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