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To most folks, the bandicoot is just a silly looking marsupial that lives in the Australian outback. To PlayStation owners, however, the tiny critter is a spinning, pants-wearing bundle of red fur and attitude that just happens to be the next big thing for Sony's 32-Bit system.

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And this next big thing's name is Crash Bandicoot, whose self-titled game is one of the most highly anticipated second-generation next-gen titles to come along for the PlayStation. The game is slated for a September release, and the mounting anticipation surrounding it is understandable; Crash Bandicoot is, without a doubt, the best-looking title to come out for the PlayStation ever. Its graphics are crisp, colorful, and-for lack of a better term-just plain awesome. (Check out the side-bar for info on why the game looks so great.) In fact, the game's stunning visuals have prompted many Crash-playing our staff members to wonder if they were watching a cinema rather than the game itself.

But does Crash Bandicoot play like a cinema? No. It has gameplay guts to go with its visual glory. Although Crash's attacks are pretty standard stuff (he leaps on and spins into enemies) the game is packed with a variety of levels, many requiring a different type of play style. It offers forward-scrolling stages, sidescrolling stages-even two stages that tax Crash's beast-riding skills!

The majority of the game is played in a third-person perspective, with you looking over the furry head of the pouched-reared protagonist as he zips head-on through each stage. And Crash has more than his fair share of obstacles to avoid during his quest to rescue his girlfriend. Most levels have Crash making a mad dash through the jungle, which is packed from tree to shining tree with bottomless pits and angry animals. Crash must contend with rogue skunks, bandicoot eating plants, bloodthirsty bats, vicious villagers and other terrors of the jungle.

Crash bandicoot iso ps1

Not all the animals are against Crash, however. Later in the game, the bandicoot will climb aboard his trusty wild boar and haul butt through the greenery. The squealing sow only has two speeds-fast and faster-and Crash must clutch to the critter and steer him around and over traps and pits. Some chasms are too wide to clear in one jump, but big bongo drums lie before these pits and give the pig a boost of leaping power. Crash will also have to avoid spiked posts, barbecue pits and shield-wielding villagers that cross his pig's path.

But the hog-riding levels aren't the only ones laden with traps. Giant stone rollers lumber onto the road in front of Crash during his on-foot adventures, and Crash can only cross some chasms by vaulting onto support columns that drop from under the hero's feet if he wastes too much time planning his next leap.

Not all of the game's levels-and traps-are landlocked; some stages send Crash careening along a rock- and log-strewn stream. Here the bandicoot must deal with hungry fish and even hungrier plant life. But the water levels' real challenge lies in guiding the bandicoot through the wet-and-wild obstacles. The only route Crash can follow downstream is across slippery logs and onto moving lily pads. One badly aimed leap will land Crash in the drink, all wet and all dead.

These water-logged levels are perhaps the game's most visually stunning stages. Crash's falls into the stream are rewarded with realistic splashes, and the waterfalls that Crash must occasionally scramble over look straight from a postcard.

Other levels reverse the player's perspective and send Crash cruising in your direction, toward the television screen. For instance, several Indiana Jones-inspired stages have Crash running in front of huge rolling boulders that pursue the hero. One false step and Crash is road kill. These backward-scrolling levels are extra tough because you can't see the obstacles that lie in front of Crash until they're nearly under his feet. Jumping across chasms becomes especially difficult, since you can't see their far sides. Still other levels are played in the traditional side-scroller fashion, with Crash running and jumping his way over gaps and past traps that lie along his path.

The visual quality of these levels doesn't degrade just because the player perspective has changed; they're rendered in the same crisp 3-D graphics that make the game so spectacular. Later levels mix both side- and forward-scrolling perspectives, with Crash dashing left or right for a while, then plunging straight into the jungle or a cavernous ruin.

Crash's adventure takes him to three islands, all containing a total of more than 30 stages. Besides the jungle locales, he'll also wander inside and outside of ancient ruins and storm his nemesis' castle.

Gamers are guaranteed to reach 26 levels when they play through Crash Bandicoot, but chances are they'll stumble across a slew of bonus rounds. The key to reaching these rounds lies in the crates that Crash can bust open as he hauls butt through the game. Most crates are full of fruit that the bandicoot can collect for extra lives, while others contain voodoo masks that make Crash invincible if he collects three of them.

But a few crates house bonus-level heads. Collect three of these and Crash will cruise to one of the game's three types of bonus rounds. For instance, collect three Tawna heads and Crash will be sent to her bonus level. Here Crash can load up on fruit, voodoo masks and lives--and you can save your game if you reach the end of the level. Later in the game, Crash can also collect Dr. Brio and Dr. Cortex heads and be sent to their respective bonus levels. Brio's levels are chock-full of extra lives, while players will find two keys in Cortex's stages. These keys grant access to two super-secret bonus rounds that can be found early in the game.

The crates themselves also open up bonus levels. If Crash finds and smashes every crate in a level without losing a life, he'll be awarded a gem at the end of the stage. These crystals unlock special gem levels that Crash can uncover throughout the game. Some gem levels can only be accessed once Crash clears a level later on in his adventure. This need to revisit early stages to find new bonus levels adds tremendous replay value to the game.

Crash Bandicoot is a tent-pole product for several companies, namely Sony. Universal Studios Interactive and Naughty Dog Inc., all of which became caught up in the game's development at one point or another.

Naughty Dog began putting the game t together nearly two years ago, with the intention that Universal would help tweak and distribute the title. Then Sony took notice of the game and saw what could potentially be the company's Mario 64 killer. So the folks behind the PlayStation signed on to publish and distribute Crash Bandicoot.

But does Crash have what it takes to take on Nintendo's--as well as Sega's--juggernaut mascots and become king of the next-gen jungle? That remains to be seen. Crash's graphics and game-play will certainly give the little bandicoot a fighting chance.

Overall rating: 9.5
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After Dr. Neo Cortex's defeat in the last game, the fallen parts of the Cortex Vortex have crashed into an ancient prison, releasing the evil spirit, Uka Uka. Cortex and Uka Uka find Dr. N. Tropy and uses his Time-Twister machine to steal crystals from various time periods. Aku Aku hears about this and sends Crash, and his little, intelligent sister Coco, to get the crystals and stop Dr. Cortex's plans once again.

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