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This step-by-step guide will show you how to install Nodi APK on FireStick, Fire TV, FireStick 4K and Fire TV Cube.

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Who doesn’t know or heard about Kodi today? Well, Nodi is considered to be one of the most famous and well-known forks of Kodi. You can use it to stream content of various categories.

Besides that, it allows you to install various Kodi Addons and Kodi Builds to have a great streaming experience. Kodi is no doubt a great platform but some people felt to miss out on some exciting features which they found in Nodi.

To enjoy the content to the fullest, Nodi could be integrated with Real Debrid, Trakt and other external services too.

Download Nodi Fork Of KodiNodi

Read this before proceeding…

Nodi app is free no doubt, but the addons you install on Kodi might or might not contain illegal streaming content and your IP address will be exposed to your ISP. We do not condone such activity, but if you want to hide your IP address, use a VPN. Surfshark VPN is our #1 choice.

How to Install Nodi APK on FireStick

Nodi APK is not available on Amazon App Store so you have to sideload it on your FireStick using a free app called Downloader. Make sure you install and use Surfshark VPN on FireStick before you stream anything.

Now, follow these steps:

Step 1: From the home screen of your FireStick, click the Settings option

Step 2: Click the option My Fire TV

Download Nodi Fork Of Kodi On Fire

Step 3: Select Developer Options

Step 4: Select Apps from Unknown Sources option which is off by default

Step 5: Hit the Turn On tab

Step 6: Go back to the home screen and click the Search icon on the top left corner of the screen

Step 7: Write Downloader in the search bar

Step 8: Select the Downloader icon among the other apps

Step 9: Hit the Download or Get button

Step 10: Click Open once the app is downloaded successfully

Step 11: Click Allow to give Downloader access to your photos, media and files

Step 12: Click OK if any such pop up appears on the screen

Step 13: Now click the URL bar on the main screen of the Downloader

Step 14: Enter the URL in the URL bar and click Go

Step 15: Scroll down and select the option Download “Nodi 19.1.1”

Step 16: Wait for the app to be downloaded on your device

Step 17: Click the Install button now

Step 18: Click Open or Done once Nodi is successfully installed

This is how Nodi can be installed as a third-party app on your FireStick using the Downloader app.

How to Use Nodi on FireStick

Before using any content on Nodi, make sure to install and use Surfshark VPN on FireStick to have an encrypted connection and stay anonymous while streaming. It masks your IP to protect you from potential security threats.

Follow these steps to use Nodi on FireStick:

Step 1: Launch Nodi on your FireStick after the installation

Step 2: Click the Continue tab

Step 3: Click Allow to give Nodi access to photos, media and files on your device

Step 4: Wait for a while as Nodi is preparing for its first run on your device

Step 5: The interface of Nodi will look like this

Step 6: Click the Settings icon from the left menu to customize the settings of the app

Step 7: You can look for your favorite content by clicking the Search icon next to the settings icon

Nodi Features

Nodi has an interface similar to Kodi with the same options and menu. The interface of the app is simple and quite user-friendly. The easy navigations make it easy to use for the users.

Nodi Download

The content categories in the main menu of Nodi include Movies, TV shows, Music, Music videos, TV, Radio, Games, Add-ons, Pictures and others.

You can customize the app and change colors or themes according to your choice from the settings menu. Moreover, the search option allows you to look for your favorite content anytime.

Download Nodi Fork Of Kodi Download

Nodi supports IPTV services and is compatible with a number of channels for streaming. Install the app and enjoy Live TV channels on your device.

All in all, Nodi is worth trying alternative of Kodi that works smoothly on FireStick and other Android devices.

Nodi Alternatives for FireStick

Nodi is no doubt a worth using Kodi fork but sometimes the app is not working well on your device or you want to have some other features too.

We have compiled some of the best streaming apps for FireStick for you. Do check them out.

FAQs – Nodi

What is Nodi APK?

Download Nodi Fork Of Kodi App

Nodi is a famous Kodi fork for streaming content of various categories on several devices. It can be easily installed as a third-party app on FireStick using Downloader.

Is Nodi safe to use?

Yes, Nodi is a safe app to watch anything on FireStick. However, using a VPN is recommended to have a 100% secure and encrypted connection. It also helps you to anonymous over the internet by hiding your original IP address.

Is Nodi legal?

Nodi is legal and won’t cause you any legal trouble while streaming. All you have to do is to avoid streaming copyrighted content and watch only public content.

Is Nodi free?

Yes, Nodi is free and doesn’t require any subscription charges. You don’t have to sign up or register yourself to use the app. Just install the app and enjoy streaming.


Nodi is a popular Kodi fork to stream different content on FireStick. The app isn’t available on Amazon App Store so it has to be sideloaded using Downloader or any other similar app.

Best Kodi Forks

The app is free and highly compatible with FireStick. The simple interface and easy navigation make it a user-friendly app. It can be customized as per your requirements.

Nodi Fork Apk

Don’t forget to install and use a worthy VPN to protect your online identity and have an encrypted connection. You can also access geo-restricted content effortlessly with the help of a VPN.