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O2Jam Offline O2Mania English V. 1.0.1 o2mania is a popular o2jam simulator where you play your favorite o2jam songs without needing an internet connection. You can also test your own o2jam note charts here. Dec 29, 2005 Download O2Jam for Windows to jam with buddies online, from anywhere in the world. O2Jam has had 0 updates within the past 6 months.

Hi, can anyone direct me to where i can download an offline server for o2Jam? Becos of my limited time online, i wasn't able to practise much. That's why it'll be great if i can play the game offline. Thank you all in advance.

Now I will just share another O2Jam Emulator what they're called O2China, O2Emu, or O2Solo. This is different with the O2Mania because this O2Jam Emulator has a Character (which is not present in O2Mania but I've read that you can put custom characters in O2Mania and maybe later I will share it to you.).O2jam pc
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Another thing from this emulator is like you are playing on a real o2jam server. I mean all of the basic stuffs are there, like you can create your room (single room or couple room), the Settings, My Room, and other stuffs. another thing is that this emulator are capable of using rings when you are playing. well, that's all I can discuss right now. It's now your turn to explore this O2Jam Emulator. Enjoy! :)

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Please refer to my next post on how to include songs in the O2Jam Emulator English. :)