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Far Cry 4 - v1.10.0 +16 TRAINER Uplay. Gameplay-facilitating trainer for Far Cry 4. This trainer may not necessarily work with your copy of the game. File type Trainer. Downloads 84675. (last 7 days) 261. Last update Wednesday, June 10, 2015. File information. Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game. Your anti-virus software may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.). This is almost always a false alarm.

Far Cry 4 pc game has been released, and as alot of our members and gamers are searching to find a fully working Far Cry 4 Trainer, we are extremely happy to provide you the latest Far Cry 4 Trainer! This is the First and Full Mega version of Far Cry 4 Trainer, and not the beta/promotional one that many gamers are trying to get. The Getallforames hosts only legit Trainers, Cheats and Hacks, so don’t be scared about any infections or viruses, all our files are scanned with VirusTotal like our newest Far Cry 4 Trainer Cheats.


Disable HUD, Unlimited Health, Armor, Quick Fix, Unlimited Underwater, Add Money, Increase Rucksack, Fill XP, Skill Points, Indestructible Vehicle, Unlimited Ammo, No Reload, Unlimited Grenades, Invisible, Unlock Skills, View Map, Easy Crafting, Unlock Shop Items, Unlock Weapon Slots, Instant Tag Enemies, Super Accuracy/No Recoil. Read the included readme file with Notepad for important instructions on using Far Cry 4 trainer. Far Cry 4 trainer features customizable hotkeys.


Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Update November 14, 2014


Launch the Far Cry 4 Trainer trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.
Listen for “Activated”.

Numpad 1: Unlimited Health
Numpad 2: Unlimited Armor
Numpad 3: Quick Fix
Numpad 4: Unlimited Underwater
Numpad 5: Add Money
Numpad 6: Increase Rucksack
Numpad 7: Fill XP
Numpad 8: Skill Points
Numpad 9: Indestructable Vehicle
Numpad 0: Unlimited Ammo
Numpad /: No Reload
Numpad *: Unlimited Grenades
F1 Key: Invisible
F2 Key: Unlock Skills
F3 Key: View Map
F4 Key: Easy Crafting
F5 Key: Unlock Shop Items
F6 Key: Unlock Weapon Slots
F7 Key: Instant Tag Enemies
F8 Key: Super Accuracy/ No Recoil
F9 Key: No HUD in Game

Numpad 1: Unlimited Health – this will maximize your health and keep it
locked there. It may flash to indicate it is full. Most things
cannot kill you while this is on.

Numpad 2: Unlimited Armor – this will maximize your armor and keep it
locked there if you have Armor.

Numpad 3: Quick Fix – this is an alternative to leaving health on at
all times. When you press this is repairs any damage and refills
your health to the current maximum as well as repairing your
armor. This is for those who don’t like the unlimited health
and unlimited armor on at all times.

Numpad 4: Unlimited Underwater – while this is on you can stay under
water as long as you like.

Numpad 5: Add Money – make sure to press the ESC key to enter the menu
at least once to display your current value. Each press adds
more as well as increasing your maximum value. You may have to
leave the menu and come back to see it has increased.

Numpad 6: Increase Rucksack – make sure to press the ESC key to enter the
menu at least once to display your current value. Each press adds
more. You may have to leave the menu and come back to see it has

Numpad 7: Fill XP – make sure to press the ESC key to enter the
menu and then enter the Skills window at least once to display
your current value. When you press this key, it will fill
the XP meter to nearly full. When you earn the next XP legitimately,
you will level up and earn another skillpoint. You may have to leave
the menu and come back to see it has increased.

Numpad 8: Skill Points – make sure to press the ESC key to enter the
menu and then enter the Skills window at least once to display
your current value. Each press adds more. You may have to leave
the menu and come back to see it has increased.

Numpad 9: Indestructable Vehicle – while this is on, the vehicle you are
currenly in or have just exited will be indestructable to most
damage. You can use this to prevent damage from driving, or
being hit with enemy fire. Normally eventually vehicles will
explode and behave erratically while damaged. This will help
prevent that. Note that this does NOT stop cosmetic damage and
broken windows and etc.

Numpad 0: Unlimited Ammo – while this is activated, most weapons and some
of the special items such as C4 will not deplete when you reload
or use them.

Numpad /: No Reload – many weapons and some items can be fired or used
over and over without having to reload them or run out.

Numpad *: Unlimited Grenades – many explosives and throwable objects
such as grenades can be used without running out of them.

F1 Key: Invisible – this is a very useful option. While this is activated
many enemies cannot see you. They may hear or react to things around
you but they cannot see you. Some animals can still smell you and
hear you, but most of them will not attack you either. This is
very useful for stealth missions or picking apart the enemy or getting
around without being bothered by annoying enemies.

F2 Key: Unlock Skills – some skills need to be unlocked through the story
line, through levelling up, or by completing requirements. This
will unlock them so that you can purchase any of them at any time.

F3 Key: View Map – this doesn’t unlock any map locations, but while this is on
when you open the map you can see the entire map displayed and there
is no longer a fog of war.

F4 Key: Easy Crafting – this very useful option does two things. It unlocks
and makes visible nearly ALL of the crafting recipes that are available
in the game. It also makes it so that when you wish to craft things,
you ALWAYS have the right amount and types of items to craft them
immediately. No more gathering items to craft things, the game will
automatically have them for you while this is on.

F5 Key: Unlock Shop Items – some shop items such as certain maps, specialty
items, and also the signature weapons are not available for purchase
without certain requirements or certain parts of the game being
unlocked. This will make them available immediately and you can
purchase them without requirements.

F6 Key: Unlock Weapon Slots – normally you have to level up, progress, or
do things to unlock the weapon slots. While this is on, the slots
are automatically all available to you to place weapons in, even
early in the game.

F7 Key: Instant Tag Enemies – another super useful option. When you press
this key, the enemies in the immediate area are automatically tagged
and displayed and followed. No more wondering if there are enemy
in the area, where they are, and keeping up with them. You can
use this also for certain special missions where the ‘target’ is
identified with a separate icon when tagged. Now you can determine
quickly where the target is with a single keypress. This will not
flag animals. It only works on mostly human AI characters. You need
to press again each time you move into a new area or want to know
if anything is around you currently.

F8 Key: Super Accuracy/ No Recoil – two options in one! I combined these to
save you from having to mash more keys. For many weapons this will
remove the jarring when you shoot and will make the gun fire nearly
perfectly straight with more accuracy.

F9 Key: No HUD in Game – to use this, toggle it ON while you are in the game
and can see the HUD. Do not turn this ON at the main menu. Also
if you enter a menu or exit the game back to the main menu and the
menu won’t appear, press this key again to toggle it OFF so that it
will display the menu. You can now toggle this off and on at will
and it will display or not diplay the HUD.

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Far Cry 4 trainer cheat will allow you to customize the keys if you desire!
There are two ways to do this. One is the built-in custom key
creation and the other is the Trainer Customizer.

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