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Jun 06, 2016 Revelation Online English Version Announcement Details Written by Steparu Published: 06 June 2016 Category: Front Page. The English version of Revelation Online is finally on the way and Closed Beta is to begin later this fall. Players can sign up for the upcoming CBT early by checking out the official website.

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  3. English Patch Download Revelation Online
  4. New Dungeon: Temple Of The Twelve: Face Against The 12 Zodiacs In The New Instanced-based Dungeon!


Cotton Patch


Clarence Jordan

  1. Hunt treasures to get rewards until June 28. Share your Revelation Online story with us! Celebrate the MY.GAMES Anniversary with a Free Gift! 800 million players. Countless amazing experiences. Celebrate the anniversary of MY.GAMES together with us today! Today we explore the archives to.
  2. Oct 27, 2016 Revelation Online English Patch for Chinese servers. Last Updated Nov 23, 2016. Remember to backup your Chinese entities.pg and gui.pg files before copy/pasting the English files. You will need these Chinese files for the next time when the game patches as you cannot update with the English patch. Chinese server usually patches every Wednesday around.
  3. Revelation CN Video Install Guide 4:41 Video Tutorial on how to download and install the CN client of Revelation Online + English Patch. Vikai ^Ret in Gaming. 5,560 views since Aug ^2016.
  4. Just noticed there is an English patch by Formica on the work and decided to try it out. It's still in Alpha version (probably used Google Translator) but as.

Smyth & Helwys Publishing, Inc.

6316 Peake Road

Macon, Georgia 31210-3960


©2004 by Smyth & Helwys Publishing

Jordan, Clarence.

The cotton patch gospel / by Clarence Jordan.

p. cm.

Originally published separately in 4 vols.:

The cotton patch version of Matthew and John, 1970;

The cotton patch version of Luke and Acts, 1969;

The cotton patch version of Paul’s Epistles, 1968;

The cotton patch version of Hebrews and the general Epistles, 1973.

ISBN 1-57312-422-2 (v. 1)

1. Bible. N.T. Matthew–Paraphrases, English.

2. Bible. N.T. John–Paraphrases, English.

3. Bible. N.T. Luke–Paraphrases, English.

4. Bible. N.T. Acts–Paraphrases, English.

5. Bible. N.T. Epistles of Paul–Paraphrases, English.

6. Bible. N.T. Hebrews–Paraphrases, English.

7. Bible. N.T. Epistles–Paraphrases, English.

I. Title.

BS2577.J65 2004

English Patch Download Revelation Online




Jesus’ Doings [Luke]

Happenings [Acts]

Letters from Rock [1, 2 Peter]

Letters from Jack [1, 2, 3 John]

A Letter from Joe [Jude]

The Letter to the Christians in Washington [Romans]

A Letter to the Christians in Atlanta [1 Corinthians]

The Second Letter to the Atlanta Christians [2 Corinthians]

The Letter to the Churches of the Georgia Convention [Galatians]

The Letter to the Christians in Birmingham [Ephesians]

The Letter to the Alabaster African Church of Smithville, Alabama [Philippians]

The Letter to the Christians in Columbus [Colossians]

The First Letter to the Selma Christians [1 Thessalonians]]

The Second Letter to the Christians in Selma [2 Thessalonians]


By Millard Fuller

I had the wonderful and blessed privilege of knowing Clarence Jordan personally. I first met him when my wife Linda and I, along with our two children, Chris and Kim, went to Koinonia Farm in December 1966 at a time of deep personal crisis. Linda and I had decided to leave our life of affluence in Montgomery, Alabama—to divest ourselves of our wealth—and to seek a life of Christian service.

When we arrived at Koinonia, a Christian communal farm near Americus, Georgia, I had never heard of Clarence Jordan and I knew practically nothing about Koinonia.

Within a few hours of our arrival, I strongly sensed God’s presence there and Linda and I both felt that God had directed us to that special place. Our intended visit of a couple of hours lasted a month. Clarence and others at Koinonia were so encouraging and supportive to Linda and me as we were seeking to know and follow God’s will. They affirmed us and gave us spiritual strength for the great change in our lives at that time.

Clarence Jordan captivated me. I had never met anyone quite like him in my life. He was incredibly intelligent. When he spoke, everyone ...

Important - General - Quality of Life - Temple of the Twelve - Battle Companions
Class Skills - Famous General Changes - Guild Features - In-game Store
Localisation - Known Issues


  • New Dungeon: Temple of the Twelve: Face against the 12 Zodiacs in the new instanced-based dungeon!
  • Battle Companion System: A new way to battle in Nuanor, with a Battle Companion by your side on your journey, who will be able to stop you?
  • Wedding System: Male and Female players can now get married to one another through this romantic new system. Invite your friends to join in your ceremony and parade throughout Nuanor.
  • Family Oath System: Group up with your friends to receive a special title and additional benefits.
  • New Story Chapter: Someone has been murdered at Shinji's Banquet and you have been framed. Prove your innocence and unravel the mystery in this exciting new chapter!
  • Road to Greatness Overhaul: The UI has been updated and new activities and events have been added to the interface. The Event Schedule has also changed.


  • Various UI elements have had a visual overhaul, this includes the System Notifications and Pop-ups, Leaderboard, Friend System, Health Bars for Bosses and the Daily Sign-in Area.
  • The World Map has been updated to include new markers and two new areas: The Twelve Temples and Eltmere Canyon, which is home to the Skyfeather Camp.
  • Horace Aula, the Bronze Shard Vendor, also known as the Ausgyth Commerce Center merchant now is home to the Battle Companion Market.
  • The Grand Boutique has been updated to display new cosmetics, mounts, wings and accessories. There is also now a new tab for Ornamental Weapons.
  • You can now rate items you own in the Grand Boutique for experience points.

  • Duo Deathmatch, a new feature has been added to the Road to Greatness.

  • New Accolades have been added to the Accolade Interface.
  • Mentor's can now assign 5 tasks weekly to their apprentices for special rewards.
  • Raise up High emote has been added to the Expressions panel. This emote can only be used on Small Females. This emote requires an item and we will be providing details on how it will be available in the future.
  • Clawmaster Buri has been added to the Legend of Nuanor roster and his token to the Legend of Nuanor vendor.
  • Chance Butterfly and Reward Wish system has been added. Reward wishes increase the rate at which you get admiration items. You can auto-path to the Chance Butterfly by using an Ethereal Map or you can look for her in Tidewater Village.
  • The 2nd portal to Eternal Chasm has been closed.
  • Aurum Apparel Extension has been fixed.
  • Added new loading screens.
  • Newly Added: Only 40 players are now needed to commence a battle at Mechanist's Gauntlet.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • New Players and new characters will receive different rewards upon their first 7 days of playing, including Calia, the pink sedgeling Battle Companion.
  • A new feature: Retrieve Rewards has been opened, allowing players to receive items they missed from events they did not participate in for Bronze Shards, Merits or Aurum.

  • Cultivation IV now only requires 80 points instead of 90.

  • The Returnee Event feature has been turned on, allowing players who have not played the game for a period of time to come back and complete daily objectives to receive rewards, experience and exclusive discounts in the Store.
  • Unison Breakthrough System has been added to the game. Players can stop their level at level 59 or 69 and collect extra experience, once this bar is full they can choose to level up normally (example: level 59 to 60) or breakthrough and jump up 10 levels. People who breakthrough will also get experience pills.
  • There are some new events featured in the Road to Greatness, along with new rewards for Daily Activities and a new bar for Weekly Activities. Additionally, the Get Strong tab has been updated to feature more details and information on how to make your character the best it can be.
  • You can now Strip learned Cultivations through the Skill, Arcane Arts interface. You will receive an essence to exchange for another book of the same type.

Temple of the Twelve

  • Dungeon has been added to the Road of Greatness.
  • Dungeon is available for those over level 59.
  • 25 New Achievements have been added to the Achievement interface. Some of these new achievements grant rewards such as titles and passes to the Rear Hall.
  • New Cosmetic Items have been added which can be dropped from this dungeon in addition to Battle Companion items.

Battle Companions

  • New Interface has been added. Gain access to it by pressing Shift + G.
  • Collect all 13 Battle Companions and learn their legends through their related Mythos to unlock new talents, skills and skins!

  • 45 New Achievements have been added to the Achievement interface.

  • Battle Companions have been added to the level rewards in Time Warp.
  • The Sedgeling Companion: Astera has been added to the Novice Storyline which takes place on Emerald Falls. All current users who have completed the story will receive this item via in-game mail.
  • New Items such as Battle Companion Scrolls, Lycoris Dew, Synergy Horns, Acacia Branches, Skill Keys and more have been added to the the Temple of the Twelve, Noble Treasury, Time Warp, Holy War Treasure Maps, Weekly Activities and various other areas of the game.
  • Battle Companions Names and Whispers can be customised.
  • The Mount and Wing Attendants you can place in your Apartment or Oceanview Villa can now care for your Battle Companions via Battle Companion Care menu when speaking to them. You can raise your companion 3 times a day. 2 times per companion for an hour and a half each time. Raising allows them to gain more experience and intimacy.

Find out more about Battle Companion's Talents and Skills.

Class Skills

All Classes

  • Passive Skill: Energy Coalescence from Cultivation IV can now be attained after earning 80 Cultivation Points.


  • Lacerating Strike's cast range distance from target requirement has increased from 5 meters to 7 meters.
  • Lacerating Strike and Pummeling Wraith's damage has been increased.
  • Optimised Chain Sweep's consistency between hits.


  • Adjusted the minimum interval between Deadly Dash's first and second strike from 0.3 second to 0.1 second.


  • Advanced Mana Armor Scroll II - Blaze: During Mana Armor state, upon taking damage more than 50% of Max HP, immediately recover 6%/12%/20% of Max HP.
  • Juggernaut Armor's crowd control break effect now also removes all negative statuses (Only includes negative statuses that can be removed)
  • Juggernaut Armor cleanses all negative effects upon use. Additionally, when skilled into Way of Fire Dao Tree, it can absorb up to 10% of incoming damage, and reflects back a small amount of damage.
  • Sniper Mode no longer cancels upon mounting up.


  • Fixed the positioning error of Dark Warden Occultist's Gate of Atrophy.
  • Removed Demon Rancor's cast time, the skills' chanting will only be cancelled if the target moves 35 meter away from range.
  • Optimised the situation where Dour Wyrm does not deal damage due to latency issues.
  • New Skill 'Dark Warden Wave' is available under Archon of Darkness: The Archon of Darkness moves back 10 meters, and knocks enemies in front back 5 meters while dealing damage towards it's enemies.
  • Advanced Demon Shackle Scroll II - Light: In the Light Bringer state, enemies caught in the Barrier of Light have a 50% chance of being Imprisoned for 5 seconds (100% chance on 2nd level)
  • Archon of Light and Archon of Darkness incarnate bestows Control Immunity and turns self into a carrier. Gets Benevolent Occultist's Gift and Malevolent Occultist's Gift effects, bestowing bonuses upon nearby allies.

Spirit Shaper

  • Spectral Magpie's 15 meter/s travelling speed and Deer Stampede's 16 meter/s travelling speed are both increased to 25 meter/s
  • Serpent Snare has an added effect: Reduces Magic Defense by 15%
  • Radiant Whirlwind: Increases resistance and defence by 0.6%, 1.4%, 2.4%, 3.6%, 5% on each level respectively'
  • NEW Advanced Spirit Shell Scroll II - Spirit: When Spirit Shell state is removed, deal magic damage equal to 10/20/30 times your Spirit to nearby enemies.
  • NEW Advanced Essence of Spring Scroll II - Soul: Every stack of Spring Inspiration grants the target +0.3% / 0.6% / 1% Crit Rate (on each level respectively)
  • NEW Expert Essence of Spring Scroll II - Soul: Every stack of Spring Inspiration grants the target +0.4% / 0.8% / 1.2 % Maximum HP (on each level respectively)


  • Nimbus Reign: Way of the Wood's Healing Reduction effect, now additionally removes 1/2 positive effects at Dao stage 4/5.
  • Angel Fire skill description has ambiguity in its meaning for Phase 2, appropriate localization adjustments have been made.


  • The duration between Conqueror's Sweep first and second cast has been slightly reduced.
  • Concentrate and Thunderborn status no longer cancels upon mounting up.
  • Sundering Steel has an added effect: Additional damage increased up to 100% if Vanguard is in 'Fearless Protector' state.

Famous General Changes

All Classes Dragonius

  • Saint's Blessing's functionality has been changed: Special Skill Points are increased by 20% and Special Skill Rate is increased by 10%.
  • Indestructible Spirit's functionality has been updated: Upon taking otherwise lethal damage, you survive but with only 1 HP. Also confers the Warrior's Death buff. Dying within the next 2 seconds deals real damage worth 10% of your own total HP to enemies within 10 meters. This effect may only be triggered once every 3 minutes.
  • Total Resilience functionality has been updated: Reduces Physical and Magic Defense by 10%. Increases maximum HP by 7,000 and inflicts armor break effect on nearby enemies that reduces Physical and Magic Defense by 5% upon suffering a critical hit. This effect can be triggered once every 5 seconds.

Assassin 1-Star Soaring

  • Will of Battle's functionality has been changed: When either Flicker or Shadow Rush is cooling down, the current cooldowns will be reduced by 0.1 second for every 1% of HP Assassin loses.

Blademaster 1-Star Soaring

  • Bloodbath has been changed to Warrior's Fervor.
  • Warrior's Fervor: Upon suffering a single attack that deals more than 20% maximum HP damage, gets a Warrior's Fervor buff. Physical and Magic Attack are increased by 100, and Physical and Magic Defense are increased by 360. Lasts 30 seconds. Maximum 5 stacks. This effect may only be triggered once every 5 seconds.

Gunslinger 1-Star Soaring

  • Hunter has been changed to Annihilator.
  • Annihilator: Makes it so that Gunslinger's heal weakening effects cannot be dispelled. Also increases heal weakening effects of Oblivion Bomb and Comet Strike by 10%.

Occultist 1-Star Soaring

  • Light Bringer's Blessing has been changed to Soul Union.
  • Soul Union: Dour Wyrm deals extra Real Magic Damage worth 15% maximum HP. This effect ignores Defense. It cannot Crit, and is only effective on players.

Spirit Shaper 1-Star Soaring

  • Glowing Pain has been changed to Sealed Soul.
  • Sealed Soul: Sacrifices 20% of Spirit Shaper's healing bonus rate to increase Magic Damage Intensity by 30% and give Deer Stampede a 3-second knockdown effect.

Swordmage 1-Star Soaring

  • Solar Radiance now has an additional effect: When using Angel Fire or fire-type Searing Wake, skill gets an extra 1100 Crit.

Vanguard 1-Star Soaring

  • Fearlessness now has an additional effect: In the Thunderborn state, your Special Skill rate is increased by 15%. Vanguard's bleed effect ignores 30% of the enemy's Physical Defense.

Guild Features

  • New Event: Bandit Break-In has been added to the Guild Interface. This is a new Guild Event that can be activated in the guild base every day, once activated a banner will appear in your guild base. Interact with it and start defending from the waves of bandits. This feature replaces the Guild Bosses.
  • New Feature: Guild Tutelage is available for players with Premium Service. Players can offer or ask for guild members to share experience. Players with a high XP index can share experience with others in their guild. Guild fealty is given as a reward for this feature.
  • New Feature: Guild Sign-in / Red Envelopes is a new feature where players can spend Imperial Coins or aurum to receive Guild Accalim and Guild Fealty, once a guild receives enough donations they can send Red Envelopes. The more players online, the better the reward of Bronze Shards are. Guild Donations resets every week.
  • New Feature: Guild Auction
  • Feature Change: Noble Treasures in the Guild Base is no longer an NPC. The interface is now accessible via the Guild Tab.
  • New Leaderboard: Guild Representative is a new role within the guild. This role can be given for someone who represents the guild and recruits people into it. Guild representatives can get rewards every week according to a special leader-board.
  • Players in a guild now have their rank showed next to their name in guild chat, for example: [Member] CharacterName

The Store

New Items have been added into the in-game store, check out our store page for extensive details:

A new tab in the store has been added named 'Bonus'. Bonus Aurum can be earned from special in-game events and the Returnee Event.

A new 'Bonus Points' window has been added to the Exclusive tab in the Store, this storefront shows off the items that can be purchased for Red Aurum. The prices and contents of this tab are not yet final and are subject to change. We will be detailing in a later article how we will be handling Red Aurum in the future. Please keep an eye on Discord for further updates about this feature and it's current development status.

Revelation Online On Steam


  • Cut-scenes will no longer be silent, they will now be fully voice-acted in Chinese in addition to System Sounds and Mob/Boss noises. English voice-overs have been removed and may return at a later date.
  • The Snake Zodiac was previously advertised as Huang Qi, his name has been changed to better represent his character. He is now named Feng Qi.
  • Various Skill Books have had their localisation updated.
  • Various Skill Descriptions and Cultivation Descriptions have been updated to reflect ability changes and better explain their functions.
  • Cosmetic Appointment Card has had it's details updated to explain its usage clearer to those using it.
  • The Occultist Skill: Mirror of Oblivion has been updated to it's new name: Occultist's Gift - Dark.
  • The Spirit Shaper Skill: Growing Heart has been updated to it's new name: Luxuriant Rush.
  • Deco's in the character window have been updated to their real name: Accolades

Known Issues

  • Fixed The Noble Treasury in the Guild Interface currently does not allow you to purchase anything from it.
  • Alternative Fix Players who already completed the story can now redeem an Astera 1-star Battle Companion from myLoot. Players can redeem up to 6, but can only send 1 per character on their account. We will not be fixing the sending of Astera automatically upon completing the prior story-mode before this update launched, therefore, please redeem Astera from myLoot. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Fixed Bandit Break-in can now be activated on all servers when meeting the specified conditions which you can find details about in the Guild interface.
  • Fixed The Quest: 'Netease Security Ambassador' cannot be completed.
  • Fixed The Quest 'Witness: Hall of Glory' cannot be completed.
  • Fixed The In-game Security Box when purchasing items or doing things with your inventory currently displays a Russian name for the UI.
  • Fixed Some Battle Companion's ability descriptions refer to their placeholder names.
  • Fixed Various Cosmetics in the Grand Boutique (mainly Temple of the Twelve cosmetics) will be updated with their corrected names.
  • Fixed Chinese buttons in Time Warp when re-challenging a floor. Option 1: Challenge mode - The difficulty will not change. Get a new record! Option 2: Arcane Mode - The difficulty is reduced but the reward is unchanged. The achievement is not
  • Fixed New Time Warp UI is now localised.
  • Fixed Ignore Defense issue in Battlegrounds has been fixed.
  • Fixed The Faerie Inn Shopkeeper Arthur allows you to now remove your home from your possession, if you are currently unable to access your home as it informs you it doesn't exist, please try this option and let our Support team know.
  • Battle Companion summoning items have been renamed to be easier to search.
  • Battle Companion Legend requirements have been updated to better reflect what you need to do.
  • Meteoric Rise localisation has been updated to English.
  • The Localisation of the title for married characters is currently incorrect. Currently you will display as 'Old Wife - CharacterName' or 'Old Husband - CharacterName'.
  • Gifting Function made exclusive to players who are level 79.

English Patch Download Revelation Online -

  • The Localisation for Crit Reduction in the character Window has been updated to Crit Defense has been updated incorrectly. This will be fixed in a later patch.
  • There is a system message regarding the Chinese version's Game Forums. This will be fixed in a later patch.
  • The Top-up button in the Returnee Event goal currently pop-ups a Chinese QR code interface, this does not function. This has been investigated and it will be fixed in an upcoming patch.
  • Players who have not transferred their Explorer, Founders or Deluxe Packs from their web-inventory should not do so for the time being. These items have been removed from the game and we are working on a fix for this at the moment. If you happen to accidentally send your pack, please contact our Support team.
  • The Famous General Honorable title is unable to be used upon obtaining. This has been investigated and it will be fixed in an upcoming patch.
  • Button Details in the Apprentice Menu currently does not function.
  • Some Emote Actions are missing their tool-tips.
  • Some characters in Legends of Nuanor appear either very small or very large.
  • You cannot create a Chat Room when you have a Battle Companion summoned.
  • Shifty dodgy has varying different messaging in-game on how it should now function, in-game localisation will be updated to reflect the changes.
  • Time Warp Seasonal Mounts have lost the ability to fly.
  • Guild vs Guild Tournament tag assignment for NA servers was not successfully fixed. This is now again back under investigation.
  • Various Tool Tips and Descriptions for Battle Companion and Player Skills do not appear. Please continue to report on this issue so we can make sure that we have the skill you are having this issue with is on our radar to be fixed.
  • The Special tab added in the Legends of Nuanor NPC for additional special items you could buy with Regal Medals daily/weekly has been removed.
  • Using a bed in housing does not increase intimacy.

The entries in this list will be fixed in a later patch, they are currently in development for the International version of Revelation Online.

English Patch Download Revelation Online

  • Immortal Annex Trials appears in various UI elements such as the Road to Greatness. This feature is currently under development and not fully implemented.
  • There are world shouts by the automatic GM informing players about Immortal Annex Trials. This feature is currently under development and not fully implemented.
  • The Decisive Battle / Cloud Peak Battle Envoy in Sulan's Square is currently not functioning. This feature is currently under development. We recommend users do not waste their Ancient Greatvoices on this feature, used Greatvoices will not be reimbursed.
  • The Custom Guild emblem system is currently non-functional. We are continuing to work on this feature and will fix it in an upcoming patch.

Let @Revo Mods know if you still experience the following issues on our Discord server so this section can be updated!
* Players with high ping playing the Occultist class used to have issues where their Dour Wyrm would not hit their target. This appears to be fixed upon testing. We recommend players report if they encounter any more issues with this feature.

  • You currently cannot sit at the Group Tables in the Hot Springs. Tables will be removed in a later patch.
  • The Martial Scholars NPC currently opens a Store in Sidus Ur. This is not intended, this feature will not be released in international versions of Revelation Online. He will be removed in a later patch.

New Dungeon: Temple Of The Twelve: Face Against The 12 Zodiacs In The New Instanced-based Dungeon!

If you happen to notice any other bugs, issues with localisation or anything not listed here, please contact our Support team or a Moderator on our Discord server so it can be investigated and resolved.