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To easily access an Owner’s Manual with consolidated information specific to your Mercury engine – agree to the terms and fill out the form below. To order a printed version of the Service Manual for your particular Mercury Outboard or MerCruiser Engine, click here. Mercury Marine Literature. User Manual Pdf Download. Bs 200 Chemistry Analyzer Service Manual Read/Download The Mindray™ BS-200 Chemistry Analyzer, whose menu includes general sample lyse procedure on-board the Mindray™ BS-200 Analyzer eliminates manual, Unique in the industry, MedTest is. Erba LIQUID STABLE. Uro-dipcheck 400. Uro-dipcheck 240. Erba LISASCAN II & Erba LisaWash. Archived catalogs. Erba XL SYSTEM PACKS. Title: XL 200 Brochure CC ver11.cdr Author: Vimal, Dharamsi Created Date: 4/21/2012 3:38:08 PM.

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Automated random access clinical chemistry analyzer.

The Erba XL 600 is a fully automated, random access clinical chemistry analyzer with throughput of 600 tests/hr with I.S.E (Na/K/Cl). This economical analyser is designed to give you quick returns without any compromise. The high resolution diffraction grating ensures a very high degree of photometric accuracy.

Erba Xl 200 User Manual Pdf Free

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7 years ago
7 years agocycle time

can anyone help me to understand the cycle timing for XL600 and XL640 instrument, or provide me user maual for the same


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Erba Xl 200 User Manual Pdf



  • Bar coded reagents and sample identification minimizes programming time
  • Sapphire oump for improved precision and accuracy
  • Permanent hard glass cuvettes
  • Offers a wide choice of 50 different on-board tests
  • Cooled reagent tray to hold 50 bar coded bottles
  • Specially designed “Twin layered” sample disk
  • Probes with Vertical Obstruction Detection facility
  • Primary tubes sampling with bar coding
  • Capability to perform 2 reagent tests
  • Economical 200 µl reagent consumption / test
  • Low D.I water consumption


Power Requirements110/220 VAC
Reagent Dispensing Volume10 to 300 µL
Sample Volume20 to 60 µL
Throughput600 samples/hr with ISE
Height1100 mm
Length 610 mm
Weight150 kg
Width840 mm

Erba Xl 200 User Manual Pdf Download

Product webpage TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION 400 photometric tests/hour 640 tests/hour with ISE Simultaneous measurement items Sample type Serum, plasma, urine, CSF 96 photometric tests , 40 calculation items and 4 ISE parameters Assay method End-point, kinetic, ISE (direct potentiometry) Calibration type Linear (one point, multi point), exponential, polynomial, factor Optical system Reagent Tray 56 refrigerated positions (8-12°C) 5, 20, 50 ml reagent containers Sample Tray 80 positions Outer ring – 50 position for samples Inner ring – 30 positions for blanks, standards, calibrators, controls and ISE solutions Reagent dispensing 2 independent dispensing probes with liquid-level sensor Dispensed volumes: R1 50 – 300 µl with 1 µl step R2 10 – 300 µl with 1 µl step Minimal reaction volume Reaction tray 72 reusable hard glass cuvettes, optical path length 5 mm Mixing system 2 independent stirrers, 3 mixing speeds Levey-Jennigs graphs, Westgard rules Barcode reader Built-in barcode reader Water consumption Operating system: MS Windows XP or MS Windows 7, Pentium 4, RAM 512 MB, HDD 200 GB, resolution 1024 x 768 Power supply Dimensions, weight Fully Automatic Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Automatic clinical chemistry analyzer – open, random access system, STAT samples processing Complete or selected data Erba Lachema s.r.o. Karásek 1d, 621 33 Brno, Czech Republic Tel.: +420 517 077 111, fax: +420 517 077 077 E-mail: [email protected] XL640_0412EN System type Clinical Chemistry Analysis Easily, Quickly, Efficiently

Erba Xl 200 User Manual Pdf File

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