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Our own in-house developed software at the centre of all Shoot Systems solutions

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ShootNPrint is our flagship photo marketing and green screen software – at the heart of many of our solutions. It has been designed by our own team and is constantly refined to add new features whilst retaining its core purpose: ease of use. With just 2 core functions in the system, Shoot and Print, it does just what it says on the tin.

Operating the green screen software is just as easy as it sounds – simply press SHOOT to take the photo and PRINT to output it. All other actions are automated in the background. For events, marketing campaigns and parties, this ensures that our solutions deliver exceptional quality content without operators requiring training, prior knowledge or any concern of being unable to easily use them.


ShootNprint supports multiple modes of operation:

  • Operator led where operator stands with system to take photos (links to solutions)
  • Photo Booth where users operate system themselves
  • Print station mode where users scan photo cards to see and print their photos
  • Bullet Time mode for importing images from multiple cameras to create an incredible video
  • Time Lapse mode to take photos over a prolonged interval and output video ready frames
  • Automated mode where photos are imported and output automatically
  • Walk About mode where operators can take the photo experience directly to an audience

Behind each of these modes of operation is a very sophisticated processing engine to automate all of the key actions.

Green Screen Wizard Software

Key Features of our Green Screen Software

  • Intuitive operation
  • Patented Live green screen preview
  • One touch operation for key actions
  • Full motion green screen technology HD video (moving foreground and background)
  • Output of HD video (with audio) and high resolution photos
  • QR code compatible for scanning and printing
  • Automated output and upload options

Green Screen Wizard Download

Operator Mode

Green Screen Wizard Serial Key Download

The most common use of ShootNPrint is with a touch screen facing the operator. Everything on-screen is laid out clearly, with only the buttons needed to take and print photos on show.

At the core of this is our patented live preview, which allows the user to see a live preview of the composed green screen image on the screen. This green screen technology allows the operator to move, scale and rotate the green screen image, ensuring the photo or video subject is in the perfect position. Then, when the photo is taken, the high resolution image is placed precisely in the same location resulting in top quality results. The image can be edited here as well if any changes need to be made.

Under the photo are icons showing all of the available overlays. Once the overlay has been selected the operator simply presses PRINT or selects the required number of prints.

For easy setup there is a timed shoot button, allowing the operator to press the button and walk to the background and have a photo taken. This removes the need for an assistant when setting up and is a very simple idea borne out of our vast experience in setting up events. Our green screen video software supports a whole host of features to fit most workflows and operation requirements.

System Features

  • Full integration into our on-line portal for download and social media posting
  • Full motion HD video with moving foreground and background
  • Integrated HD video with High Resolution stills
  • Image naming: auto random or sequential, pre/post full/part scanning, manual entry, QR code and barcode
  • Auto overlay selection for Land / Port images
  • Graphic screen only guides for overlays to assist with photo location on overlay
  • Multiple images per page, replicated images, single/double sided printing,
  • Multi printers and print pooling
  • Auto selection of printer per overlay (Photo prints, Mugs, Labels and more)
  • Receipt printing with photo on receipt and download information
  • Auto uploaded of photos to on-line portal (queues images if there is no connection)
  • Customisable Data collection
  • Automated background file management: move, copy, upload, import, delete, archive
  • Local and on-line stats
  • Auto search on scan, to locate customer images from cards / wristbands
  • Multi station operation
  • On screen clock and print count, great for keeping track of event and operation times
  • Customer screen to show just the image portion of the screen

To find out more about our innovative green screen software and solutions, get in touch with our team who will be happy to discuss exactly how Shoot Systems can deliver unforgettable photo and video systems for your event, party or marketing campaign.