Hack Wifi App For Windows


This app lawfully does not abide by the rules and should not be promoted as it promotes ways to hack the Wifi of another. The downloading and reviews of this app will vary from person to person. Download this app and decide for yourself whether you like it or not and let us know in the comment section below.

Are you looking for a Windows Application that will let you hack Wi-Fi using your Laptop, whether you are at home or you are traveling, are you tired of those free Wi-Fi hacking and password revealer software that claim they can hack any Wi-Fi password only to find out they are dummy only after downloading them?


Then this post we are beneficial to you, this is because we have reviewed some of the best Wi-Fi password hacking software that is compatible with your Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 and Windows10 PC.


It’s one of the frontrunners of Wi-Fi hacking software scene & was originally developed as some special project that would work with locked wireless networks. It can help you with a number of functions like getting users list, cracking the Wi-Fi password, see each user’s movement as well as block off the unwanted users from Wi-Fi network.


It deals with various aspects concerning Wi-Fi security. It can monitor data export to the text files, replay attacks, deals with deauthentication through packet injections etc. then, it will check the Wi-Fi cards & driver capabilities as well as crack the WEP & WPA PSK.

Kismet Wireless

Kismet Wireless is a popular wirefree network detector, intrusion detection & sniffer system. It mostly deals with IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi networks yet can also tackle other networks. Its great range of features include server/client modular architecture, PCAP logging, multi capture-source support, remote sniffing as well as XML output that will help easy integration with the other tools.


inSSIDer is your ally when it comes to troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues. This Wi-Fi optimization & troubleshooting program will help you with a number of things- weak channel placement, poor signal strength, RF interference problems in 2.4 & 5 Giga Hertz bands. It comes in 2 versions- inSSIDer 4 & inSSIDer Office.


This is another major wi fi hacker software program that has been highly rated by the users. This wireless LAN program can crack the encryption keys efficiently on the 802.11b WEP Wi-Fi networks. The software operates through passive monitoring of the transmissions, computing encryption key while adequate packets are gathered.


Wireshark is quite a big name here and comes with multiple amazing features. These include deep inspection on numerous protocols, handy 3-pane packet browser, live capture & offline analysis, multi platform running capacity, enriched VoIP analysis, reading/writing of various capture file versions etc. In other words it offers you a deep insight on the network.


This list would be incomplete without the mention of WepAttack. Just as the name suggests, it’s a powerful tool that will help you to launch a sizeable attack on the WEP keys of the WLAN networks. The users are really happy with the software and many of them have tagged it as one of the best for cracking passwords.

Wi-Fi Hacking Software for Various Platforms

You should know here that there are different email address management software applications for various platforms. The one you would be going for must complement your system’s specific OS. Not all such software applications would work for all operating systems and you have some software programs that specifically work for Windows or Android or Mac.

Free Windows Wifi Hacking Software – OmniPeek

If you are looking for a good free Windows Wifi hacking software, OmniPeek is a great choice. It’s an award winning network analyzer & packet sniffer application that captures & analyzes the wireless traffic. The tool is equipped to work with several networking interface cards. You will also get help on network troubleshooting.

Free Android Wifi Hacking Software – Black Wi-Fi Hacker

When it comes to reliable Free Android wifi hacking software, Black Wi-Fi Hacker Plus is a good option no doubt. The software is designed to crack Wi-Fi networks locally, assuring a seamless access for you to the network. The program supports multi encryption types such as WPA, WPA2, WEP or CCMP/AES encryption.

Free Mac Wifi Hacking Software – KisMAC

Those in search of free Mac Wifi hacking software, KisMAC would be a nice choice. It’s an open-source Wi-Fi scanner/stumbler application, which, unlike other regular Wi-Fi hacker software applications, uses passive scanning & monitor mode. The program reveals closed or cloaked or hidden SSIDs, shows the logged in users, helps with PCAP import & export etc.

Most Popular Wifi Hacking Software for 2016 – Wi-Fi Hacker

You are getting a very simple, user-friendly yet powerful Wi-Fi hacking software here. It would quickly search out the local available Wi-Fi network & connect you to it so that you can bypass the locked Wi-Fi route in moments. It is virus free & gets updated just automatically, making things simpler for you.

When it comes to most popular Wifi hacking software for 2016, you can opt for Wi-Fi Hacker .The user-friendly software program is well equipped to hack both WPA & WPA2 as well as WEP and promises you good support against the WPS attack. Its virus-free nature is one of the main reasons for its popularity today.

What is Wi-Fi Hacking Software?

A Wi-Fi hacking software is a software program that will primarily enable you to crack Wi-Fi password of a nearby network. These software programs are designed to work for WPA, WPA2 and WEP. Some of them are open-source applications and work as good network analyzer as well as packet sniffer.

The best ones are guarded against the WPS attack. A good lot of Wi-Fi hacker software applications are meant to help with Wi-Fi troubleshooting issues. In simple words, these software programs are your key to Wi-Fi internet freedom where you won’t need to ask for the permission of the network administrator to access the desired router.

How to Install Wi-Fi Hacking Software?

To install Wi-Fi hacking software, you have to go to the chosen software’s link to download it. However, before you download, just make sure that the software program actually complements your specific operating system. When you download it, you will get the installation link that will come up with a complete guide on installing the application.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Hacking Software

Many a times, we find ourselves in places where we desperately need the Wi-Fi for an urgent communication or quick internet search but we cannot access the local router given no knowledge of the password. In such situations, the Wi-Fi hacking software is just a bliss.

Such software applications would immediately crack the Wi-Fi password for you, in most of the cases of any strength, so that you can freely access the internet. The software program would also be helpful for network auditors and penetration testers who have to verify security of the WPA guarded wireless networks, break document encryption and crack the password hashes.

The Wi-Fi hacker software applications would be helpful when you are looking to check what’s going on with the Wi-Fi network of your organization and what the users are doing with the network. All such software applications are really easy to operate and your primary computing skills would be enough here.

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Hey, In this post I will provide you with best 15 wifi hacking app.

You can use these apps to hack almost any wifi network very easily. These wifi hacking apps are very user friendly.

Hack Wifi App For Windows

So read the full article to get the best knowledge about wifi hacking app.

Note :- This article is only for education purpose & expect from you to use these apps for your own security of WiFi.

1. WiFi WPS WPA Tester :- {WiFi hacking app}

This another great WiFi hacking app is available in play store. This popular feature full WiFi hacking app is developed by Saniorgl SRL source & this app was developed in the intention to scan the WiFi networks for week points and vulnerability. This WiFi Hacking app is to test the connection to access point with random WPS Pin. Which is calculated using various algorithms :-

  1. Zhao.
  2. Belkin (Root).
  3. FTE – xxx.
  4. Blink.
  5. Asus.
  6. Arise.
  7. Trend net.

Required things to hack WiFi :-

  1. This apps work only on the android version above the Android v4.0 devices.
  2. If you are using Lollipop or higher versions, you do not need to root your device to use this app you can use it freely.

This is great app & most important thing, this is first in WiFi hacking apps list on play store. So, you can easily download it or you can also download it from below given download link.

2. WPS Connect {WiFi hacker app} :-

The most popular WiFi hacking app is WPS Connect and it is used by many android hackers.

If you want a feature full app I will recommended you this app.

This WiFi hacker app will help you to hack any Wi-Fi password with root & also help to strengthen your Wi-Fi network.

If you want to check the security level of your wifi net work, You can use this app. This WiFi hacking app generally targets those networks which are easily vulnerable (accessible) and hack-able.

Once you find a vulnerable (accessible) network you can quickly get the password & now you’re ready to play with WiFi and get connected to it.
These apps uses some algorithms which we describes below :-

  • Zhao
  • EasyboxPIN
  • Blink

Most probably you have successfully hack a WiFi, using this app because it supports maximum numbers of routers.

The main problem in using this app is only one & that this app does not supports lot of old versions android versions.

The interface of this app is very normal and simple & if you are a beginner in this field & don’t know how to use these type of apps, then it will be surely helpful for you.

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3. Aircrack – NG (wifi hacking app)

It is one of the most trusted &it is also included in most used apps by many WiFi hackers.

This app comes with many essential features which you need to crack a WiFi password easily.

According to its name Aircrack – ng, it is generally used to crack wire less network passwords.

This app is available on Android as well as Ubuntu & it is most used wire less cracking app on these platform and it is also on the kali linux.

This app includes WPA / WPA 2 -PSK Cracker & also the analysis tool for wireless LAN. (Local Area Networks).

This popular WiFi hacking app is developed by the team of android operating system developers & security expert by enthusiasts group.

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Required Things to hack wifi by this app :-

If you use this app some essential things will be necessary for it :-

  1. You must need a Rooted android device.
  2. USB OTG Adapter {Charger}.
  3. Wireless USB tower or Adapter.
  4. Your Work Skill, must be patience.

You can use or operate this app without any problem in your android phone, most of people stuck in finding a WiFi which supports Monitor mode.

So if you use this app for hacking I can make sure you can get access to WiFi or any other wireless network.

4. Kali Linux Nethunter {wifi hacker app}

Kali Linux is one of the most popular Linux system for ethical hacking and cracking purposes.

When it comes to Desktop or computer. Kali Linux was founded by Mati Aharoni and is currently maintained by Offensive Security PVT Limited company .

What makes it special is that it is the first open source android penetration testing platform for hackers and some bad crackers. (:-))

To use the Net hunter app, you need to launch Kali linux’s WiFi hacking tool to go ahead.

Net hunter’s simple configuration process will help you in overcome the problem with configuration Files you will hack or try to hack.

It needs a custom kernel system it, which supports 802.11 wireless injections and some other things.

Thus, Making Kali Linux a Must-Have app an OS for hackers.

However, there is a list of Android Device apps which are officially maintained by Offensive Security for Active Development in Kali Net hunter usage.

5. dSploit { hack wifi app }

Almost same as WiFi WPA WPS Tester app, d-Sploit is also made for finding out Vulnerabilities in the WiFi Networks.

It is a WIFI penetration testing suite and tool. This app also helps in analyzing and controlling your network and all other types of information which is transfuring over router and internet on wifi.

What makes this app a better one then other apps is that you can not only hack other people’s WIFI but also helps in controlling the devices that are connected to the same WiFi network like you can disable the wifi connectivity of other people.

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Features on dSploit:

  • WiFi Cracking
  • Router PWN
  • Trace
  • Port Scanner (scan the ports)
  • Man in the middle (Decide the data packets you want to send)
  • Simple sniff (Steal Victim’s Data from the phone)
  • Password sniff (ability to view or steal passwords from the victim’s device)
  • Session Hijacker (Full control over victim’s Device)
  • Kill connections (Disable usage of data packets, thereby killing the connection)
  • Inspector
  • Vulnerability finder
  • Login cracker
  • Packet forgery (Change the data packets in between)

6. WiFi Kill {WiFi hacking app} :-

As it’s name is WiFi killer app which allows you to killl a Wi-Fi. WiFi kill is one of the most commonly using Wi-Fi hacking app by ethical hackers and security experts.

The user interface of this app is very simple and normal, so if you are a beginner I recommended you to use this app because it is simple and have powerful features.

This is a open source app to hack Wi-Fi. This app is really useful when you want to connect a open source Wi-Fi network or WPA which don’t have strong password.

Wifi Hacking Software Windows 10

This apps also shows you the traffic who are using this network. You can also use this app to know what’s other are downloading or browsing to this same network (MITM attack).

So if you want a simple yet powerful WiFi hacking app, My suggestion is you can use this app.

This app supports all android versions so you can use this app even in any older android versions.

7. WIBR+ {hack wifi app}

WIBR+ was created for testing the integrity and security of WiFi networks from brute force attacks.

It use Brute force and Dictionary Based methods for helping you and answering questions like “How to Hack WIFI networks”.

You can also use custom dictionary methods to attack and find WIFI passwords easily.

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Depending upon your priority and the type of wifi network password security, you can choose different options such as numbers, lowercase, uppercase, and special characters – for performing a different dictionary attack to a wifi network.

Depending upon your password strength, WIBR+ takes time to crack the password of a wifi, so this a Face Down for this app that it takes time to hack any thing.

8. ZAnti :- {wifi hacking app}

ZAnti is mobile pen testing WiFi hacking tool kit app which helps you to find amount of vulnerability. This app allows the security managers to analyze risk level of network.

If you’re a beginner so this is great option for you because its simple User interface & much powerful functions. You can use ZAnti to prevent the target to access any website or server which you want to access.

If you want to know the security level of your WiFi network, this app is must for your use. So here guys we describes best wifi hacking apps.

WiFi is a very important thing to access internet in now days because its provides you life line means your data which you can use to run Social Media apps, Google, Online work or much more thing on wireless base.

In this world of Hackers, WiFi hacking is at most prioritiy because every hacker need data or WiFi to hack any thing in this cyber world.

We don’t try to promote these type of hackers. We write this article just for education purposes.

9. WIFI Analyzer {Wifi hacking app}

Now there may be a lot of Android and IOS apps that can help you enter into a WIFI network or hack them but that process can be quite lengthy and time taking.

It becomes absolutely frustrating to crack a network and ultimately finding out that it is crowded.

So, WIFI Analyzer helps you to analyze the different types of WIFI and other wireless networks that are available near you and makes graphs and data according to the network and data speeds and reliability and even in some manner that can those Wi-Fi be hacked.

10. Arcai.com’s NetCut {Hacking wifi apps}

This app also have the same functionality like the WiFi Killer app.

Net-Cut is a very popular app for the Windows operating system and arcai.com have recently launched it for the Android platform.

The advantage of this app over WIFI Kill is, it can protect your WiFi from other NetCut Softwares but such features require a paid subscription or you can call it premium subscription.

There are few things that good about NetCut:- for EG one of the best thing is that It support from most basic Android version 2 Gingerbread to the latest Android versions like oreo.

So if you are on one of the older versions, don’t worry Net Cut is there for you.

(Though I recommend you to get a new phone man, that has Marshmallow at least because if you are in this article you definitely are a tech freak and a technical person.)

And one more thing that I should definitely mention is that if there’s anyone trying to spoof you, NetCut has a defender running to save you every time it will give you a notification.

Here are some of the good features of NetCut:

  • Track who is using your WiFi.
  • Block if you see some Wrong activity in it.
  • You have full control to Block anyone from your WiFi network.

Download from Google Play Store.

11. WiFi Inspect:- WiFi hacking app

WiFi Inspect is a multi-tool made for Computer Security professionals, Ethical Hackers, and other advanced users of cyber security field that wish to have control and monitor over the networks they own or have the permission to control over.

Thus, basically this app is a WiFi security audit tool to find loop hole in your network and not exactly a Hacking App or cracking app.

You will definitely need root your device to use this app.

WiFi inspect is similar to apps like WiFi kill and Net Cut but it’s User Interface is one of the best in similar apps present over internet.

It can search for you how many people are connected to your network and You can check their IP and what devices they are using it on like phone or TABLET.

You can also block their Network usage directly from your app. It is so fast that in a few seconds you can get the complete list of the users present in it.

Its design is so simple and that is the factor behind the smooth functioning of the app.

The app supports many languages of many countries. The app is able to detect which device is connected to your network whether it is a TV, laptop, Mobile, PS, XBOX, etc.

You also get to know the MAC address and Manufacturer number of the devices connected to your wifi.

So do not let your Neighbors enjoy any share of your hard-earned money and Block them all without any warning (bloddy padosi).

And yes, this app supports even the oldest versions of the Android.

If it doesn’t work, then make sure you have successfully allowed it the root access if then also it is not able to work then contact the team.

12. Network Spoofer {hack WiFi app}

Similar to dSploit and other above given apps, Network Spoofer will let you change websites on other people’s computers or phones or any other internet accessing device connected, from an Android Phone.

This is not a WiFi Password accessing or changing tool or a Hacking tool but it is a spoofing tool.

After downloading all of it, what you have to do is simply log onto a WiFi network and select a type of spoof to use and then press start.

Even though this is not exactly a type of penetration testing tool but it can still show you how difficult or easy it will be to hack a particular network with your Android Smartphone very easily.

13. Fing Network Tools:- Hacking app

Fing Network Tools is just like z ANTI app which helps in finding out and analyzing more about your network.

This app requires root access to your android phone. It helps you find out what all devices are connected to your WiFi in just few seconds.

This app is very simple to use, fast and also accurate in the terms of wifi penetration testing.

Fing is a professional App for network analysis and is used by Security Analysts and hackers and all types of Hackers and at all levels .

A simple, fluid, and intuitive interface helps you evaluate security levels for your WIFI and then detect intruders or attackers and ultimately block them.

14. Nmap { WiFi hacking}

Nmap is a network security scanner tool which is available for various operating systems even in many phones available in market.

It is also available for Android phones.

It is used by ethical Hackers for network exploitation and Finding Vulnerability in wifi or any wire less networking systems.

One of its best advantage is that it works on both rooted and non-rooted phones without any problem.

Like WiFi WPA WPS Tester, In this also you get more features on rooted phones as compared to non-rooted ones.

This is a great app for your Android device. This app helps in scanning networks for finding ports and system details just like d-Sploit wifi hacking app.

There are few features in N MAP wifi hacking app that brought it here to this List like the flexibility, Portability and many other factors like it is to hack wifi with this app.

  • Powerful tool
  • Easy to use tool
  • It is open source so you get all the latest Updates fast free and even of cost.
  • It supports almost all devices even phones.
  • Variety of options are available.

To summarize it is a Mix Combination of d-Sploit and WiFi WPA WPS Tester app.

15. Arpspoof:- wifi hacking app

Arpspoof was written as a part of the d sniff package system. The author Dug Song have ensured further development of his app by making it open source so that every one can use it properly.

This app is mainly written for wireless network auditing and secure them. The app works on a simple and easy mechanism with proper user interface.

What it does is redirects the packets on a local network by broadcasting spoofed ARP messages.

Arpspoof also displays the packets that the victims are sending to the device, but it doesn’t save them.

It tries to redirect the traffic found on a local network with the help of a mechanism called “Faking ARP replies” and in return sending them back to a specific victim or to all the hosts found message.

The disappointment here is that the UI of the app seems very outdated and irritating.

Why WiFi Hacking App Are Required Here :-

WiFi hacking apps are help full to find WiFi networks near you & try to connect them.

When you normally connect to a WiFi, before connecting to the WiFi, WiFi password is required but if you don’t know the password you can’t connect to the WiFi.

So here in these situation these kind of wifi hacking app are really helpful for everyone who want to connect a WiFi but don’t know the password.

The another advantage is that you don’t have to waste your money on mobile data you can easily use WiFi internet.

These certain apps helps you to access WiFi without spending a buck.

Is There Any Direct Way To Hack WiFi

  • If you’re trying to get your hands dirty by hacking WIFI networks then I would recommend you to use Kali Linux or any UNIX based system.
  • aircrack-ng, airodump-ng and airmon0 are the packages you need to install so as to proceed with this type of Wi-Fi hacking.
  • The packages mentioned above capture the packets over router and tries to crack the password with Brute-Force dictionary attack.
  • Further more if you’re looking for a GUI application which does so then you need to get your hands dirty with Cain & Abel. You may need to install aircap to capture the packets going via mobile to router.

Are WiFi hacking apps Real:-

Almost yes, the wifi hacking apps mentioned above are real and trustable.

These apps are real hacking wifi app but when you will type wifi hacking app in play store, you will get the prank apps in list Eg:- WIFI hacker prank.

Hacking is not a easy play you have to code sometime wait for every minute to attack digitally and don’t miss any chance to hack any thing.

The WiFi hacking and even MITM attacks are not common you have to wait or your chance and every WiFi network is not hackable but you can hack a wifi after you become little clever in the matter of hacking.

To hack any thing you must through proper attack at proper time to hack something.

To hack WiFi, various conditions are required.

Eg:- For wifi hacking

  • To hack your neighbour’s WIFi then you can try brute force attack to hack wifi if you know his name or DoB you can hit and try or even you can use automated dictionary attacks to crack the password.
  • If you are some where out and there you can use phishing attacks where the wifi network is only for hotel staff by phishing attack or fluxion attack. to fool your near ones and hack their data.
  • If you see the hacking is possible in that wifi then you can use the WPA WPS TESTER app or WPS connect app to hack wifi in few seconds.
  • You can even perform M.I.T.M attack to hack people’s data connected to that WiFi network easily.
  • To perform power full M.I.T.M attack you can use many android attack like packet capture app, Droid Sheep, ZantI app ETC.

Can someone hack my WiFi by these wifi hacking app:-

Yes that’s true someone can hack your wifi very easily “IF YOU DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO WIFI SECURITY” then yes someone can easily hack your wifi.

Wifi Hacking Software For Windows Download

Paying attention dosen’t means that you have to spy every time on your neighbour or your relatives or your guest.

How to keep your WiFi secured from hackers.

Download Hack Wifi For Laptop

WiFi security from the apps like above wifi hacking app {read below}.

The only thing you have to do is follow the following points are a check list to prevent your wifi from hacking by these above wifi hacking app.

  • Always keep a strong password.
    Never keep a password only as a bunch of numbers like 11110000 or 56813e23 or your mobile number. wifi hacking app.
    Always keep an alphabet and some special characters in your password Eg:-67&youb22.
  • If you enable WPS button any time just make it off after once used.
  • Never try to enter your wifi password in wrong one if two same wifi appears on the network list. I you entred the password on fake one then the wifi will be hacked and the password will reach to the hacker.
  • Always before browsing privet, just check who else is connected to your wifi. You can check this by wifi analyzer app (available on play store).
  • Don’t use open wifi networks because they can be the point of any hacker.

How can you see the WiFi password after hacking the WiFi without root:-

Actually many hackers don’t want to root their phone and want to view the password now if you are reading it first time without hacking any wifi through mobile phone.

The problem is that through WPS you get connected to wifi but the password will not be shown to you untill and unless your phone is rooted.

So to view password you can see the password with the below method.

I will provide you this trick easily. And i am sure you will not find this trick on any other platform or website/youtube.

It is just a simple process and it become really easy when it comes to chinese, if you have such phone like MI, Vivo, OppO ETC.

Chinese phones:-

  • You will find that after hacking a wifi with an app like WPS connect is simple but when it comes to viewing password it sucks because you can’t root chinese device on one click,But god is every where, in india there is a quote “if god closes one door then he opens 100 windows in its alternative”.
  • After connecting to any wifi, when you will tap on that wifi name on the wifi list a QR code will appear (in chinese phones). You can scan that QR code after scanning you will get the wifi hacked password on screen.

Non-Chinese phones :-

  • In this also first you have hack wifi through WPS connect or WPA WpS TESTER app.
  • After this you have to download any app which can convert wifi password automatically in QR code.
  • Now after you generate that code you have to scan it to get password of wifi easily.

Can we hack WiFi without any wifi hacking app:-

Let me give honest opinion and be straight to the point, since i was in your position 2 years ago, i tried all apps , softwares , etc. etc.

I ended with a lot of frustation and soon realized that it is NOT POSSIBLE to crack wifi password with an app.

The only way you can CRACK a WI-FI is using a pc/laptop and you should follow these steps in order to get a basic knowledge that is required to crack password:

  1. You must know basic of Linux commands to work in kali-linux.
  2. You must have knowledge of how wireless devices communicate with modems.
  3. Figure out what resources you have with you like wordlist which contains a set of words or the wordlist maker from which the password can be found by using BRUTE FORCE TECHNIQUE easily.
  4. Most probably you will be having only SSID(wifi name) and nothing else which helps you in the process of hacking the wifi.
  5. Install kali linux or any linux based hacking OS for that matter,start cracking some wifi using tools which come pre-installed in the case of kali-linux like aircrack ETC.
  6. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube and blogs , you check there for further details.
  7. And even you can check out the article on how to hack wifi networks easily.

At the last of how to hack wifi without app, It is little easy to hack wifi if you know kali coding the you must go for it rather than wifi password hacking app or apps.

How to hack WiFi from which we have never connected :-

Yes, it is possible to hack into wifi which you never connected to.

  • Use aircrack-ng tool which is power full and open source to hack wifi networks. It gives you many options with it’s vatious commands about that how you want to crack the wifi. You can also de authenticate the connected users to that wifi and catch the re-establishment of the connection to find the password even sometimes by wifi hacking app.
  • Use brute force or dictionery method with the popular passwords list or build your custom passwords list using crunch tool or word list building tool for wifi hacking app or even kali software it is very much required(wifi hacking app).
  • Aircrack
  • Aircrack-ng supports the brute force method with providing the password file or list. This method may take very long time to get the password or hack the password of wifi. wifi hacking app.
  • how to do it
Read It More
  • Using WPS pin cracking This method will be very fast for non wps locked wifi networks. You just need to find out what is the wps pin for the router which is printed downside of the router. If you find out the WPS pin than no matter how many times the wifi password changes, you can connect to that wifi network. But it should be wps unlocked only. Many routers by default are unlocked. You can also bruteforce the wps pin if you cannot get to the router physically by using reaver tool like WPS connect or WPA WPS TESTER app (Wifi hacking app).
  • The very easy method:- try to convince owner of wifi to enter the password on your any device and once you got connected you can go to routers settings page by searching on browser the gateway of connected wifi which will be written in the wifi settings of connected wifi network.
  • The credentials for the login to router’s web-page can be find out. Just by searching for the default username and password of that router model area. If not changed only than. If changed than you can connect that wifi to your laptop and from network settings you can find the security type and password of that wifi (wifi hacking app).

What tricks professional hackers use to hack wifi:-

The only thing that decide that you are pro or noob in any thing either it is gaming or hacking the main key is timing.

Pro hackers know on which time we have to apply which trick.

Even in wifi hacking apps the timing is very important you don’t have much time to hack someone’s wifi data or someone’s data with wifi you must be perfect in timing.

It includes:-

The attack to hack wifi you have to choose by certain conditions, you can see these condition by scrolling up there are various conditions with best matching attack.

Conclusion of wifi hacking apps:-

Hence we can say that various apps are now developed to which we can call WIFI HACKING APP.

These apps are really success full to hack many types of wifi by just using some tricks to hack wifi.

Even the most important app to hack wifi is TURMEX it is a smaller version of kali which you can download from playstore and you can use it in android phones which makes that app a number one wifi hacking app.