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The Homage VRI„A battery quires no change of battery solu- tion unlike conventional batter- ies The VRI„A battery has an Model # HEX-1004 HEX-1204 HEX-2004 HEX-3004 HEX-5004 Reted Load Suitable Load 700Watt 900Watt 1500Watt 2400Watt: 4200Watt 4 Fan, 12 Energy saver / 5 Tube light 6 Fan, 14 Energy saver I 5 Tube light. 1 5500-1204 Capillary ST 0.12 mm x 150 mm M4-M4 PS-PS Valve to valve (column bypass) 2 5065-4454 Fitting screw long, front and back ferrules 10/pk 1 5023-2504 Hex driver SW-4 slitted 1 5067-6141 M4 Blank nut 1 G1375-87326 Waste tube 1 5067-6654 Number Kit 1-8 colored.

802.11g Wireless PCI Adapter Manual details for FCC ID NHPWLG1204 made by Cameo Communications Inc. Document Includes User Manual M-WLG-1204-A1-02. Show results that include all search words% End of search results. Show results that include all search words. Screw.10-24 x.50 hex bearing, pillow block bearing. Pillow block steering shafr wldt key, woodruff bearing, upper steer. Washer 1 1/4' washer, lock 5/16' nut, 5/16. Uss pin, cotter x bolt 10-24m 3/4' 51 yazoo yhr-series mowers owner's manual.


4-Port RS-485 Hub

TD-1204 4-Port RS-485 Hub is a professional design for star-shaped wire layout in complex electromagnetic environment, RS-485 bus, large-scale systems. The RS-485 bi-directional transparent hub transmission, can divide one-way RS-232 bus or RS-485 bus into 4-way RS-485 bus, or put 4-way RS-485 signals all together to one-way RS-232 bus or RS-485 bus. And each port has optical isolation, short circuit, open circuit protection. In the system failure time, the built-in controller can cut off a timely faulty port, to ensure that every port of RS-485 Hub can work independently. every port can connect up to 32 nodes, extend the 1200 meters RS-485 signal. it is good choice to change the simple structure of RS-485 bus.
    • Private input RS-232 and RS-485 2 port, 4 output RS-485 port.
    • Baud rate 300~115200bps auto adaptation, eliminating the trouble of manually set the baud rate.
    • Each RS-485 port has lightning protection and surge protection funcation.
    • Each RS-485 port work independently.
    • Support two kinds of external power supply.
    • More than 5 TD-1204 can be cascaded.
    • Each port can be accessed by 32 standard RS-485 devices(nodes).
    • Support zero-delay auto-conversion transmit and receive.
    • Unique auto-detection circuit.
    • Supports hot-swap function, plug and play.
    • Able to adapt to the user of any application software.
    • can be used as 4 units RS-232 to RS-485 converters.
    • Standard: Support EIA RS-485, RS-232C standard.
    • Baud rate: 300~115200bps auto adaptation.
    • Transmission distance: extend 1200m each on RS-485 side, 5m on RS-232 side.
    • Data Flow Control: RS-232 port neednot RTS/CTS hardware flow control, automatic flow control
    • Loading device: 32,64,128 nodes.
    • Transmission medium: UTP-Unshielded Twisted Pair or RS-485 Wire
    • Work methods: asynchronous, point to point, 2 wire half-duplex.
    • Isolation Voltage: 3.5KV
    • Dimension: 120mm x 85mm x 26mm.
    • Environment: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ working temperature, 5%-95% relative humidity.
  • TD-1204_Datasheet.pdf
Homage, the brand of R&I Electrical Appliances (Pvt.) Ltd., now introduces new range of Hexa Series Invertors in Pakistan.
Invertors are used as UPS in Pakistan, however their is a difference between invertor and UPS. Homage Hexa Series are not type of Solar Hybrid Inverters they are semi hybrid as the company is claiming through their TVC that they can only charge the battery through Solar Energy.

Homage Hexa 1204 User Manual Pdf File

R&I introduced these products on April 6, 2016. This time the company is claiming that their inverters have built-in solar charge controller which will charge the battery through solar energy, instead of Wapda in the presence of sun, in evening Wapda energy will be used to charge the battery.
In this way you can save electricity only in sunny hours or in presence of sun, in cloudy weather Wapda will charge the battery.

User Manual

How UPS Works ?
R&I introduces following models of Homage Hexa Invertors in Pakistan:
HomagePdfHomage Hexa Series:

  • 1000VA / 700 Watts / 12 Volts Battery

  • 1500VA / 900 Watts / 12 Volts Battery

  • 1500VA / 900 Watts / 24 Volts Battery / Solar Charging

  • 2000VA / 1500 Watts / 24 Volts DC Battery

  • 2000VA / 1500 Watts / 24 Volts DC / Solar Charging

  • 3000VA / 2400 Watts / 24 Volts DC / Two Battery / Pure Sine Wave

  • 3000VA / 2400 Watts / 24 Volts DC / Two Battery / Pure Sine Wave / Solar Charge Controller

  • 5000VA / 4200 Watts / 48 Volts DC / Four Battery / Pure Sine Wave

  • 5000VA / 4200 Watts / 48 Volts DC / Four Battery / Pure Sine Wave / Solar Charging

Price of Homage UPS in Pakistan starting from Rs. 11,500/-
Homage Hexa Inverter Price:
Homage Hexa Series Inverter Price in Pakistan

Homage Hexa 1204 User Manual Pdf Download Soulcker Mp3 Player

Homage Generators:

Homage Hexa 1204 User Manual Pdf Download

Homage Hexa 1204 User Manual Pdf

Homage also introduces ATS generators in Pakistan from 1-KV to 6KV.

Homage Hexa 1204 User Manual Pdf Free