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Free KP janma kundali, KP Horoscope, KP Astrology Software. Here you can get your complete Krishnamurthy paddhati (KP) birth chart, planet & house sub lords, 5 level vimsottari dasha. You can get your rashi, nakshatra details, western progression, ghata chakra, lagna, navamsha and bhava kundali. Windows, android. AstroWonder is specially designed Vedic and KP Astrology Software for professional astrologers who are looking for accuracy of calculation and wide range of charts/analysis tool available on hand, it is loaded with many features not found in any other Astrology Software. Support for casting charts from 4000 BC to 4000 AD. Free download KP New Astro, Astrology Software for KP Astrologers, (with new K.P Ayanamsa) developed by J.Srinath from Srilanka.

Kp Free Software Free

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Kp Astrology Free Software

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Software - KP Natal and Horary Software by AstroSage - Another KP Natal and Horary Software by AstroSage - For creating horary charts and time charts - Comprehensive latitude/ longitude database (city database) - Online KP astrology software

Free KP Astrology Software For Windows - Primay vedic astrology software for windows, but can be used with KP with some customization.

Free KP Astrology Software for Google Android Smart Phones and Tablets - Works with all Google Android based devices (smart phones and tablets) - Works with Nokia, Windows Mobile, iPhone and any other GPRS/ 3G/ WAP2 mobile phone

Commercial For Windows (Varahamihira - KP Astrology Software for Windows)
Astro Kundali

Commercial For Pocket Computer/ Palmtops (Mobile Kundli - KP Astrology for Palm Pilot and Pocket Computers)

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