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Following is Natal ( Birth ) chart of Trump.

Kp System Astrology Software Free

He is Running Jupiter Maha Dasha ( See the table of Dasha – Bukhtis )

Jupiter is Placed in Natal Chart in Virgo 24 degrees 21 minutes, that means Jupiter is in Chitra Nakshtra ( Star ) who is under Mars Star Lord and Rahu Sub lord as per KP System.

In KP System Sub lord is powerful, everything is driven by Sub lord. So we have to check Rahu to see the result.

Surprisingly Rahu is in his 10th house of Professional Gain. He is in the Presidential race. So TRUMP is going to WIN.

Kp System Astrology Free Software

By the time Election results gets declared Nov 8th, 9.30 pm roughly, He will enter into Jup/Jup/Mercury division.

We have to check Jupiter and Mercury positions on Nov 8th, evening . I used EST , roughtly 9.30 pm, election declaration.

Mercury is in 0 degrees 30 minutes in Scorpio ( which means , Mercury is in Jupiter Star and Moon Sublord. For Trump Moon is in 4th house Natal chart, which is good for him.

(But if we check from Traditional Gochara, when mercury transiting Natal moon position, It gives headaches and worries to him. But we are analyzing using KP system, So I am taking that with grain of salt.)

Secondly Jupiter sub period ( Jup/Jup/Mer) lord Jupiter, is in virgo at 18 degress 44 min on Nov 8th evening. That means again in Mercury Sub lord . As per above para analysis, it comes under Rahu influence again and also from natal chart, Mercury bhava falls under 10th house of Professional GAIN.

One more point, for Trump, in his 10th house of Birth chart, Rahu is in conjunction with Sun; Sun is 29 degrees 53 min, meaning under Mars star lord and Saturn Sub lord; Saturn even though in 12th house, his bhava mostly falls under 11th house of gains. From my past horoscope analysis of several people, including my own horoscope, I noticed bhava plays a prominent role. Hence Sun’s sublord ( saturn ) in the house of gains , desire fulfillment ( 11th) clearly tells TRUMP WINS.

Following is the birth chart of Hillary

She is running Sun Maha Dasha and Rahu Sub Dasha, please see following table

Free Kp Software Download

She is under Sun Maha Dasha and Rahu Bhukti ( sub period ). Rahu in her natal chart is , even though in 8th house, bhava falls under 7th house, which is MARAKA for her. Maraka planets cause damage to the person. So she is running bad period, until beginning of March 2017. She feels better only after March 2017, when Jupiter enters into her Sub period. By that time Presidential Election will be over. Because Presidential Elections are happening during her Rahu sub period, which is maraka for her. It is NOT GOOD for her.

Rahu is in 0 degrees 26 min in Taurus means, Rahu is under Sun Star lord, and Rahu Sub lord again, which is in her 7th house of maraka again, meaning loss or defeat. So in this Rahu Sub Period, Hillary Clinton may loose this election (2016).

Maha Dasha Lord Sun, even though in Lagna, its bhava is falling in 12th house of loss. Sun is 9 degrees 12 min, meaning Rahu Star lord, Jupiter Sub lord. For Hillary Jupiter is in First house, which is good for her. But as stated in the above paragraph, Rahu is in bad shape for her.

For ex: All Bad things are happening to her after the start of Rahu sub period from the beginning of April, 2016.

Nov 8th, for Hillary running Sun – Rahu – Ven period. If we check Venus in her chart, it falls under 12th bhava, which is loss house.

Even According to Gochara, on Nov 8th , evening, Venus is in Sagittarius 2 degrees 13 min, which is again in Venus Sub lord, which signifies her 12th house loss.

From this It is Clear, that Rahu Sub period is BAD for Hillary and at the same time, Venus also representing 12 th house of LOSS, Rahu is 16 degrees on NOV 8th in Leo, representing Sun Sub lord, Sun again signifies 12th house of loss for her. It seems like, She MAY LOOSE THE ELECTION.

Hillary Clinton horoscope has 2 Vipareet Raja Yogas, one caused by Mercury and the other caused by Venus . That is why She got elected as Senator from New York in 2000 , during her Venus Maha Dasha. She used up all her good fortunes. Now she is under Sun Maha Dasha , Sun is in 12th house of LOSSES. It seems like, She May LOOSE THE ELECTION.



Maha Dasha Lord ( JUPITER) – Good with decisive 10th house – professional Gain + 11th house gain ( Desires get fulfilled – obviously to become president gets materialized).

Kp System Astrology Software Free Trial


Bhukti ( Sub period ) Lord ( JUPITER) – Good, Same results as Maha Dasha Lord.

Since both Maha Dasha Lord and Bhukti Lord both are good for TRUMP, there is HIGH probability of him, winning this Election.

Let us See Third Division ( Pratyantar Dasha ) . Trump is running under Jupiter/Jupiter/Mercury Dasha. Meaning Mercury Pratyantar ( third division lord ). Mercury is good for him, as Not only Mercury bhava is fully on his 10th house of professional Gain. Mercury sub lord ( 15 degrees 52 min in Gemini , means Rahu Star Venus sub lord. Venus bhava falls under 11th house of Gains ( Desire fulfilling ).

Since all 3 ( Maha Dasha lord , Bhukti Lord, Pratyantar Lord ) are GOOD/Gains for TRUMP. Clearly indicates TRUMP Wins Election (2016).

For Hillary:

Maha Dasha Lord ( Sun) – Good for her, But its sub lord ( Jupiter) is staying in Lagna, It is generally good for her. Even though Jupiter is in her 12th house, still its bhava falls under first house.

Bhukti ( Sub Period ) Lord ( Rahu) – Is very bad for her, as Rahu is maraka for her. Huge Bad for her. Means very negative, loss, defeat etc., .

To become President of a nation, one should have the support of both Maha Dasha lord and Sub period Lord, because it is highest position.

Because Sub Period lord (Rahu) is very bad for her, It is great difficult for her to become President. Seems like, she may Loose Election.

One good thing in her horoscope is Jupiter, being a benevelant planet, Jupiter bails her out of grave difficult situations. It can be interpreted in many ways, such as graceful exit or whatever it is.

Checking the last third division ( Sun/Rahu/Ven ) for Hillary. Venus is ( 23 degrees 7 min, meaning under Jupter star lord, Saturn sub lord ). As Saturn is in her fortune house. Gains for her.

Third Divisional Lord ( venus ) has less power compared to Sub Lord, other wise she would have won this election, as venus also bestows her Vipareet Raja yoga. That is why, in her Venus Maha Dasha , She became, Senator from New York. Had she been running Either Jupiter or Venus Sub Period ( Bhukti ), She has a great chance of becoming President, but ( unfortunately ) she is under Rahu Sub Period, which is maraka for her ( meaning bad for her). Jupiter is aspecting Rahu, as Jupiter is a benevolent planet , Jupiter will protect her from any Grave Situation/s.


For Trump all 3 ( Maha Dasha, Sub Dasha, Pratyantar Dasha ) are Gains ;

For Hillary Only 2 are Good, Sub Period Rahu is very bad for her, until March 2017. This diminishes Hillary’s Chance of becoming President.

( conclusion part added on 10/26/2016)


The above analysis is purely based on Horoscope analysis, using KP system. It is purely for Astrological Analysis purpose. This site neither endorse Trump nor Hillary. Moreover Any Astrological analysis assumes Date of Birth , Time of Birth and Place of birth are correct. Astrology is 80% chance of happening, remaining 20% is human will power; He/She can use 20% to change the outcome of an event. Astrology is NOT, something like Written on STONE, CARVED OUT for one’s whole life.

( Check back later for updates.)