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Debo estar cerca del repetudor. Tengo otro router Huawei HG530 (de claro ambos) y quisiera que me ayudes a configurarlo como bridge alambrico y/o a solucional el conflicto con las antenas (Si la interior funciona a la par con la exterior no necesito instalar el otro router, pero igual quiero saber como.) Espero tu pronta respuesta. For more, visit Mediaket shows you how to change the DNS servers in HUAWEI HG530 Modem modem in less than 1min15 s.Changing your IS.

The Huawei HG532e routers include a basic firewall that helps protect your home network from unwanted Internet access. This firewall blocks incoming connections you may need open a port through it for certain games and applications. This process of opening a port is frequently called a port forward, since you are forwarding a port from the Internet to your home network.

In this guide I will show you how to port forward on the Huawei HG532e router.

  1. Setup a static IP address on either your computer or device that you want to forward a port to.
  2. Login to your Huawei HG532e router.
  3. Navigate to the port forwarding section.
  4. Create a port forward entry.

While these steps might seem difficult at first, we will walk you through each step for your Huawei HG532e router.

We think that forwarding a port should be easy. That's why we created Network Utilities. Our software does everything that you need to forward a port.

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Step 1

It is important to setup a static ip address in the device that you are forwarding a port to. This ensures that your ports will remain open even after your device reboots.

  • Recommended - Our free program will setup a static IP address for you. Download Network Utilities today!
  • Or, follow our Static IP Address Setup guides.

After setting up a static ip address on your devices you need to login to your router.

TIP: Don't forget this static IP address. You need it in step 4.

Step 2

Now we are going to login to your Huawei HG532e router. Your router has a web interface, so you will login to it using your web browser.This can be either Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Edge. It usually does not matter which browser you choose to use.

Open up your web browser and find the address bar. It should look something like this:

Above is an example of what a web browser address bar looks like. Find the address bar in your router and type in your router's IP address.

The default Huawei HG532e IP Address is:

After entering the IP address of your router you can simply press enter. If all goes well you will see the following screen:

You should see a box prompting you for your username and password.

  • The Default Huawei HG532e Router Username is: admin
  • The Default Huawei HG532e Router Password is: password

Enter your username and password, and then click the Login button to log in to your Huawei HG532e router.

Having Trouble?

This is a pretty common place to get stuck. If you find yourself here, don't panic, there are a few things you can try:

  • First, check all the different Huawei default combinations. Here is our list of all known Default Huawei Router Passwords.
  • Second, try and guess what the password/username was changed to. Use our Find Password App to make this step easier.
  • Finally, if you still are stuck after trying both of the above options, it may be time to consider a factory reset.Learn more about this option on the How to Reset a Router page.

Step 3

Now we need to find the port forwarding section in your router. Here's how you do it. Starting from the Device Information page in your router:

Begin by clicking the Advanced option in the left sidebar.

Under that, select NAT.


You should now see a page like the one above. Click the tab labeled Port Mapping at the top of the page.

You have found the correct page to create port forwards.

Step 4

Here are the ports to forward for Xbox Live:

  • TCP Ports: 3074
  • UDP Ports: 3074

If you are looking for the ports for a different application you can find it by either:

  • Browsing our List of Games
  • Check out our our List of Games by Genre
  • See our List of all Applications

Enable the Customization radio button.

Use the Interface dropdown box to select an available connection.

Select the protocol type of the ports you are forwarding from the Protocol box.

If you are forwarding a single port, enter that port number into the External Start Port and the External End Port boxes. If you are forwarding a range of ports, enter the lowest number of that range into the External Start Port box. Then enter the highest number of that range into the External End Port box.

Enter the IP address that you are forwarding ports to in the Internal Host box. This is either the IP address of a computer or the IP address of another device on your network.

Enter the port to forward into the Internal Port box.

Create a name for this forward and put it in the Mapping Name box. The name is only used as a reminder and has no effect on the port forward.

When you are finished, click the Submit button.

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Your ports should now be open. It is time to test them.

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Test if Your Ports are Open

Now that you have forwarded ports on the Huawei HG532e you should test to see if your ports are forwarded correctly.

To test if your port has been properly forwarded, you can use our Network Utilities tool, which includes a free Open Port Checker.Our Open Port Check tool is the only online port checking tool with Guaranteed Results.

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