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These easy-to-use tools combine with Dr. Marshak’s signature narrative approach to the art program and textbook to give all students the most effective means for visualizing, interacting with, and mastering geology concepts. NOTE: This ebook only includes Earth: Portrait of a Planet, 6e, in PDF. No access codes included. An exciting revision of this innovative text, Earth: Portrait of a Planet, Third Edition, emphasizes active student learning with a new chapter format, interactive media, and the power and insight of Google Earth. Save to Library. Textbook solutions for Earth: Portrait of a Planet (Fifth Edition) 5th Edition Stephen Marshak and others in this series. View step-by-step homework solutions for your homework. Ask our subject experts for help answering any of your homework questions!

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Designed with the feedback of more than 100 physical geology instructors and constructed under the careful supervision of Stephen Marshak, SmartWork for Earth: Portrait of a Planet, Fifth Edition, is the most intuitive tutorial and online homework system available. Explore a sample
media/see.jpg“See For Yourself” Features
“See for Yourself” features point students to sample sites in Google Earth™ and, in the ebook, this feature can “fly” a student to that location directly, via Google, for further exploration. Explore a sample
“See For Yourself” Features
Norton Ebooks allow students to access the entire book, search, highlight, and take notes with ease. The Earth, Fifth Edition ebook can be viewed on any device—laptop, tablet, smartphone, even a public computer—and will stay synced between devices. Learn more

Marshak Earth Portrait Of A Planet Ebook Full

The Fifth Edition comes with new videos featuring Stephen Marshak explaining key topics of figures from each chapter in the book. These videos are available from the book's study site or from the Norton coursepack. Additionally, the Real World video collection allows you to stream videos in class or in
on-line classes.
New Videos
Free Norton coursepacks contain book-specific content, are available in a variety of formats, and can be modified to fit your course. The Fifth Edition coursepack includes reading guides and quizzes, animation-based questions, streaming video, Google Earth™ KMZ files, flashcards, Science & Society Features with free-response questions, and more. Learn more

Marshak Earth Portrait Of A Planet Pdf

The Fifth Edition has a new set of animations, illustrating geologic processes with a 3D perspective.