Microsoft Outlook Quit Unexpectedly Mac Is Gone


Quit all Microsoft Office for Mac programs. On the Go menu, click Home. Open the Library folder. Note The Library folder is hidden in MAC OS X Lion. To do this, please refer to the steps below. Go to File Account Settings Account Settings Data Files. Select the IMAP account and then click Open File Location. Delete the original OST file and then restart Outlook. A new data file will be created automatically. Any updates, please post back at ease.

  1. Mail Quit Unexpectedly Macbook Air
  2. Apple Mail Quits Unexpectedly
  3. Mac Mail Quits Unexpectedly
  4. Microsoft Outlook Quit Unexpectedly Mac Is Gone Wrong

Mail Quit Unexpectedly Macbook Air

Experiencing a Word freeze-up in the middle of working on something important is very stressful. Let’s say, you are writing your term paper seeking an answer to the question that would make the life of millions of people around the entire globe much easier and more comfortable (for example, Do Woodpeckers Get Headaches?). And in the middle of the process, when your thoughts smoothly flow from your head into the text editor; when no slightest paper help is needed from anybody; when the inspiration is overflowing; when you feel on the verge of the greatest finding in the history of humanity – dear Lord! Word just crashes or freezes. If you’ve never suffered such a tragedy, you must be the luckiest person on Earth and should definitely play lottery right about now. Otherwise, scan the text below to find out how to straighten things out and minimize the damage from such a misfortune.

Apple Mail Quits Unexpectedly


Mac Mail Quits Unexpectedly


Microsoft Outlook Quit Unexpectedly Mac Is Gone Wrong

To partly recover the document you have been working on, try printing out the screen. After that, try force-quitting the application by using the Command-Option-Esc shortcut. When the Force Quit window appears, select the app you want to abort and press Force Quit.