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Rhino is the 3D-modeling software used for mathematically precise modeling of products ranging from jewelry and furniture to architecture. Rhino is accurate as CAD, and useful when you create model for visualization and presentation, but not just for production or simulation.

  • Runs on: Windows 8.1 64-bit / 10 64-bit. Download Old Version. Rhino 6 SR26 Download Links. Download Link 1 (From Developer's Site) Further Steps.
  • Tutorials and samples in English to get started with Rhino 6. Tutorials and samples in English to get started with Rhino 6. 6444049 downloads ever.

Rhino is not intended for video industry and effects where high precision is not required. Rhino gives emphasis to model’s precision and therefore uses NURBS technique. NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) is based on the definition of 3D surfaces with mathematical formulas (splines). The working principle in Rhino is somewhat different from most 3D packages and more like a CAD program.

There are three fundamental entities that comprise the Rhino – the Curve, the Surface and the Solid. Technically there is the fourth entity – the Point entity, but it doesn’t really count, since it’s not used for modeling, but mostly as a reference, or a marker.

Download Rhino for Windows or Mac. For Windows Complete install. Rhino 7 for Windows - Evaluation - Try this full version for 90 days. After 90 days saving and plug-ins stop working, unless you buy a license.; Rhino 7 for Windows - Requires a license key.; Flamingo nXt 5 - rendering for Rhino; Bongo - design animation for Rhino (30 day eval).

You can use Rhino free for 90 days. After 90 days, Rhino will not save. Expired evaluations are great for learning Rhino or viewing Rhino and other file formats.


Rhino.Inside® is an open source Rhino WIP project which allows Rhino and Grasshopper to run inside other 64-bit Windows applications such as Revit, AutoCAD, etc.

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For more information please visit https://www.rhino3d.com/inside.


What’s new in version 6 SR26 (6.26.20147.06511):

Bugs Fixed:

  • Annotation: Changing Font Issues (RH-44019)
  • Annotation – Text: Type in the font list (RH-43924)
  • BlendEdge: Ugly rails (RH-24660)
  • BoundingBox: Sub-object bounding box (RH-43945)
  • BoxEdit: Units precision is ignored (RH-43024)
  • Build Process: Fix race condition so that UpdateVersionNumbers.csproj always builds first (RH-43628)
  • RH-44300 Displacement: Causes assert on adding material (RH-43989)
  • Display: Instanced textures don’t update in Rendered until material is adjusted (RH-42889)
  • ExtractIsoCurve: Not scriptable (RH-43868)
  • File IO:
    • File IO: STEP import takes a long time on file with large number of blocks (RH-42682)
    • File IO: 3ds fails to open (RH-42800)
    • HookUp DataKit SW import lib 2018.1 (RH-43442)
    • File IO: Text in this model does not export to DWG properly (RH-43467)
    • Step import: only one block imported (RH-43995)
    • File IO: STEP import ignores isolated oriented_*_shells (RH-44018)
  • FilletEdge:
    • FilletEdge: Misses – example (RH-1345)
    • FilletEdge: Gappy – 4 Edge Tan (RH-5780)
    • FilletEdge: Almost makes a clean fillet (RH-23606)
    • FilletEdge: Distance between rails filletedge doesn’t extend,trim and join (RH-28599)
  • Grasshopper: Components: Add Brep Edge Fillet component(s) (RH-43267)
  • Help: Command names can’t be sorted alphabetically in command_list.htm (RH-43180)
  • Layer: Improve detail visibility management within layouts (RH-38633)
  • Licensing: MR50-E cannot upgrade to R60U-E (RH-44036)
  • Localization: Add lights from light panel fails in localized Rhino (RH-43882)
  • Move: Vertical – from point to Origin (RH-36070)
  • New: Crashing after New file if render plugin has been changed (RH-43560)
  • Panels: Tearing off a panel creates a second key/value in the m_instance_dictionary of PanelContainers. (RH-43343)
  • PointDeviation: Broken in 6.1 (RH-43262)
  • Purge: Purge command forces Rhino6 to crash (RH-43889)
  • RDK:
    • RDK: Decal iterator crashes on Mac (RH-43582)
    • RDK: Popped-out thumbnail list is borked (RH-44092)
  • Rendering:
    • Render Window channel toggles do not stick (RH-4320)
    • Rendered mode: object has different renderings depending on view orientation. (RH-35061)
    • Rendering: Ground plane material isn’t used in Rendered display (RH-43152)
  • Rendering – Cycles:
    • Multiple importance sampling control together with caustics control (RH-40088)
    • Cycles: Flaked Car Paint (DEV) material doesn’t toggle off (RH-44053)
  • Rendering – Materials: Library thumbnails don’t match what is rendered in Material thumbnail (RH-39000)
  • RhinoStart: Show UpdatePlugins results on first launch (RH-42843)
  • SDK: Rhino 6 EnableEditMaterialButton() and OnEditMaterial() (RH-44077)
  • SDK – RhinoCommon:
    • Rhino.Collections.TransformObjectList need additional members (RH-28020)
    • RhinoCommon: RenderContent Icon functions leak memory (RH-43957)
  • Sweep1: Always Roadlike (RH-43519)
  • Toolbar: Icon for Raytraced mode in toolbar (RH-42953)
  • UDT – FlowAlongSrf: ConstrainNormal & direction (RH-43944)
  • UVEditor: Drawing while the UVEditor is open is extremely slow (RH-33414)

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**This Page is Currently being updated by SOA IT**

Rhino 7 is only for Students currently enrolled in the SOA

Rhino 7 Does not require a VPN connection to install: However, Cloud Zoo requires you to create an account to install and verify Rhino. Below are the instructions to create a Rhino account. This is a required step. Students upgrading from Rhino 6-7 will need to create an account and re-activate license.

Steps for account creation:

1. Log into https://accounts.rhino3d.com Create new account with your [email protected]

2. Once your account is created, let SOA IT know via email at [email protected]

Free Rhino 6 Download

3. SOA IT will invite you to join the SoA Students Team via email (check your spam if not in your inbox)


4. Once you have joined, you can download and install Rhino 7 and/or Rhino 6 (you do not need to redownload Rhino 6)

5. After installation, point Rhino to the correct license server

Cloud Zoo from on campus (FOR PREVIOUSLY INSTALLED RHINO 6):

When Rhino launches it will connect to the LAN Zoo (arc-hestia), follow these instructions to switch:

  1. Start Rhino
  2. From the Tools menu, click Licenses
  3. Under the Rhino license, click Change Your License Key
  4. Click Login
  5. Login using the email address that you created with Rhino ([email protected])


Cloud Zoo from off campus AND new installs:

Launch Rhino and go through the install process outlined below Please restart your workstation when prompted.

Click on the LOGIN button and your default Web Browser will open. Please login with your [email protected]If you are having issues please try the following steps:

    1. If “Login” pop-up states that it can’t find a license, and asks “Do you want to use a different Zoo server?” Click Yes.
    2. Alternatively if another pop-up launches at the bottom left of the screen, click on Change your license