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(pic: Stacy Abrams at The Village Market ATL, 2018?)

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Joia(Fulton County Library)'I just wanted to thank and compliment you for the information you share with us on KeithKnows. I find out about a lot of events before they are posted elsewhere. Kudo’s to you; keep it up'

Afros to Shelltoes(Bro. Ed Garnes) 'In keeping with my mission to give props to brothers traversing an America that often forecasts their demise, this weeks LOVE A BLACK MAN HONOREE is Keith HillKeith Knows, founder of www. and volunteer coordinator for the NBAF for 20 years. Keith is an ATL institution whose class and sophistication younger cats should soak up and embody. He has dedicated his life to supporting the arts, cultural groups, and everyday folks like me without equivocation. Lets send him sweet tea shout outs as boldly as he supports us. You can have brother Keith's back by joining his website, volunteering with NBAF, gifting him with a nice book or cd, or taking him out to a fab dinner as a thank you. Love ya bro... taking manhood notes from you always!!

Myrna, Owner,LottaFrutta Gourmet Fruit House and Market…“Meeting Keith for the first time was pure delight. His positive energy and charisma is amazingly infectious. Keith has an impeccable work ethic and I recommend him for your future event planning needs”

Odie Donald, MBA Sr. Program Manager “Keith may be the most connected person to ever breathe air in Atlanta. His personality is contagious, his creativity is not only inventive, but light years ahead of the most out-of-the-box thinkers, and he is an expert in just about any field you could imagine. In effect... Keith KNOWS!

Kupenda Auset (aka Joette Harland Crosby) Owner & Producer, House of Life PR & Events; Experienced Writer, Publicist, Producer; “Keith moves about with such ease, positivity, and know-how that whenever he is present, people want to know who he is. That may be how I first met him. As a Volunteer Coordinator for the National Black Arts Festival, I know that whenever the best of volunteers or manager of volunteers was needed, Keith was often the top choice. His e-newsletter, KeithKNOWS has been a mainstay for 5 years now and evidences his time and rapport with colleagues and friends alike. In good faith, I highly recommend Keith as a Cultural Creative Consultant”

Carletta S HurtProducer/Youth Advocate/Educator “If you want people to know about what you are doing, make sure you connect with Keith! He has been a supporter for nearly a decade and I can always count on him to reach that targeted group to come out and support one of my events”

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Margaret KargboProducer, Client Services & Digital Storyteller “I've had the pleasure of meeting Keith while consulting with the National Black Arts Festival. His friendly demeanor and thoughtful nature makes you want to get to know him better. Keith is definitely the right person to go to when you're looking to host a spectacular event. Considered a man about town, Keith Knows all there is to know about Atlanta and the surrounding communities. I highly recommend utilizing his expertise and services to meet all your business, lifestyle and event planning needs”


Julian SmartFounder/Media Marketeer at The KING Building Development Project “Keith has made my volunteer experience with NBAF phenomenal! With his detailed planning and one of a kind personality, it makes volunteering seem less of a job and more of a purpose. His punctuality, style and progressive thinking makes him a primary candidate for any position of leadership. In the three years that I've known Keith, he has been a great mentor and friend who always puts his passion for culture and arts into educating and culminating the diversity of all people”

Shana ElliottParalegal, Contracts Administrator & HR Specialist at Remark Media “Keith runs a tight ship and always sails toward progressive and professional events. I know that I can count on Keith and his information to help me network and grow my business ( On a personal note, if I want to go out and be around peers of my caliber, is the first place I check”

Antonio ShalemFloor Manager/ Cashier at Kilwin's Chocolates Franchise, Inc. “I have had the priviledge of working with Mr. Hill at an Arts Festival in Atlanta. At that time, Keith's capacity was that of Volunteer Coordinator of The N.B.A.F. Keith showed exemplary skill in organizing the team of volunteers. In fact, the five-day festival ran quite smoothly as a result of his leadership. There were a number of positive comments made about our presence there. I recommend Mr. Hill as a fine liason between artistic and entertainment venues in the City He has a wide angle on venues taking place in Atlanta. It was a pleasure to work with someone of his character. As an entreprenuer, I can identify with Keith's sound work ethic”

I love to dance! My movements are definitely God inspired as I really don’t have much formal training. When I first heard the song, “Rain on Us!” by Sha Simpson I was overwhelmed. My prayer is always that God will show up, show out, and touch his people. I was asked to dance at the Work in Progress dance celebration on Saturday, November 14, 2009, and it was truly a blessed time in the Lord.

I will tell you that I arrived there with expectancy as my husband and I had been in a prophetic conference with Prophetess Amele Kava for the past two days.

I was also a little nervous as I knew Satan was going to try and stop my dance ministry. During this year of 2009 – the year of Fruitfulness, EVERY TIME I have danced my music has messed up! Either the CD started skipping, or on this particular day, the stereo would not read the disc. Another group that had been asked to dance had a CD player in the back room and we used that. To GOD be the glory for all that he has done! I pray that you will be encouraged by the dance as well as by this powerful song!