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What is Microsoft Expression Web?

Expression Web is the next generation of web development software that was released late 2006 from Microsoft.

Expression Web (EW) is the successor to the 'FrontPage' line of web development tools. Built specifically for today's web standards, EW helps to enforce W3C compliant XHMTL validated code.

Although many of the FrontPage components created in using previous versions of FrontPage, EWD will not be employing such code-bloating features as FrontPage Navigation or other FrontPage 'web-bots' which required FrontPage extensions -- if you require FrontPage extensions for your components, EWD will still connect to servers that use FrontPage extensions; however, EW will not require your server to have FP Extensions as the FrontPage line of software has in the past.

What are Web Templates for Expression® Web?

Web Templates are pre-built websites that are editable using Microsoft® Expression® Web. Designed using Expression® Web, our Web Template are fully validated for XHML and CSS.

What is included with my Web Template when I purchase from i3dTHEMES?

When you purchase a website template from i3dTHEMES, you get an immediate downloadable package of files which constitute a ready-to-go website.

OS Templates strive to offer some of the best website templates that can be found on the net. We update our website regularly with premium and free HTML templates as well as PSD templates. Using the free HTML website templates from OS Templates can save you an extensive amount of time as they are pre-built and only require minor modifications.

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All you need to do is change the content, maybe some of the pictures, perhaps rename some of the pages, and then all you have to do is publish it up to the web. Included with each template is a set of written and video tutorials to walk you through the process of updating the website.

We also have a support system which allows you to initiate a support ticket in the the event that you cannot find the help material you need within our system.

What is a Dynamic Web Template (DWT) for Microsoft® Expression® Web?


DWT stands for Dynamic Web Template -- essentially it is a way of having a master template layout which pages in your site are attached to. If you change the master layout, all of the pages are updated with that change. It also limits the ability to alter regions of your page which are marked as 'un-editable' so that you can work on your pages without the worry of 'nudging' something off track in the master layout. The capabilities provided with the DWT are highly recommended for anyone who has 10+ pages in their site.

Can I open up a website built with FrontPage in Expression® Web?

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In a word, yes. In most cases, any website built with FrontPage can be opened with Expression® Web. There are some components from older versions of FrontPage that will not be editable in Expression Web, however the pages themselves can be edited as you would normally edit them in FrontPage.