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Snowboarding down a mountain at over 60 miles per hour, jumping off ramps that launch you 40 to 50 feet in the air, and a multitude of tricks and combinations are just some of what you have to look forward to in SSX Tricky. Trying to build on the fame created after SSX was released last year, EA Sports pulled off a trick of their own by following with a sequel that outperforms an already fantastic game. Loaded with bonuses and features to unlock, SSX Tricky is more of the same thing that attracted audiences with little or no interest in snowboarding the first time. What you'll find here is a game that has been redone, improving significantly over the previous title by creating new dimensions that will cause as much excitement as the original. SSX Tricky will outperform and outlast almost anything currently on the market; unless you have a fear of snow, this is one you'll want on your Christmas list.

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Gameplay, Controls, Interface

When playing SSX Tricky, you'll notice that it has a similar structure to the original. The world circuit, for instance, is set up with six other racers all fighting for the top three spots. Each snowboarder naturally has his or her own particular attributes but the game also shows how friendly or unfriendly each opponent is, so you'll know who to watch out for. Your enemies will take cheap shots, attempting to knock you down, and if you take them out they'll be less friendly to you in the next race.

Each circuit is comprised of three rounds that must be raced consecutively. Finishing in at least third place or better is required to enter the semi and final round. If you finish the final round with a position better than fourth place, you'll be able to unlock the next course. In addition, you'll also win a medal used for unlocking other features, and experience points that can be distributed across your snowboarder's different skills.

The courses themselves are greatly improved and it's almost impossible to recognize them from their previous forms. There are shortcuts galore along with interesting new designs that keep them more dynamic, allowing for different routes and jumping angles. Additionally, to further distinguish this game, two new courses called the Garibaldi and Alaska were added. These courses feature near-vertical sections and large drops, creating new terrain to traverse.

Helping to add extra color, the characters were all given celebrity voices and personalities. Eddie, for instance, was created using David Arquette's voice and persona while Elise uses Lucy Liu's. Other actors like Billy Zane and Oliver Platt were also used, adding overall personality to the entire game and creating more meaning behind each character.

In addition to the celebrity voices, one of the exciting new aspects of the game is the trick system. With this new revamped system, you'll be able to spin and flip to your heart's content. Advanced tricks like a fakie, where you land with your back foot forward, and late, where you hit one last trick before landing, are also achievable, giving more possibilities to the tricks that can be performed. When you catch big air, sometimes you'll find yourself creating all-new moves with various combinations of tricks, even riding a rail or two. The main thrill, however, is the addition of the Uber tricks. These tricks can be pulled off when the Uber disk is rotating; when it is, look out because these tricks will impress even the veteran snowboarder. Each snowboarder also has his or her own unique Uber trick, and all are worth seeing.

Even with all the trick possibilities, if they're too cumbersome to execute, the game can become frustrating and consequently short lived. SSX Tricky, however, sets up a control system that is surprisingly user-friendly, using almost every button and stick available. To start, the d-pad and left analog stick perform similar functions as left and right turns while on the ground, and cause rotation while in the air. Pushing forward on either will build speed and pulling back gives a speed check. To cause the rider to grab the board while in the air, any of the right or left buttons will perform a specific grab trick and combinations of them give more possibilities. Pressing the X button will cause the rider to crouch, then jump when the button is released, while the square button will give an adrenaline boost if available when on the ground and a tweak when in the air. If you start preparing for a jump and realize there isn't any way to land it, the L3 button can be used to release the rider from the crouching position; if you find yourself off course, the select button will set the rider back on the track.

Ssx Tricky Iso Download

After riding around for a while, you'll also notice that the interface does a great job of displaying an array of information without distracting or covering up the gameplay. The current place of your snowboarder is shown in the upper left corner, while the score is in the upper right corner. To keep from obstructing the race, points given for tricks and time differences between you and first place will flash in the upper middle of the screen. Any tricks you successfully pull off are also flashed at the bottom of the screen, giving a name to the more interesting tricks created along with the more conventional ones. Other things, such as the adrenaline meter and Uber disk, current speed, time and location of the other riders, are also shown to complete the interface. Most of the time, the interface is smooth enough that you'll hardly notice any difficulty in using any part of it.

Ssx Tricky Download For Pc

As mentioned earlier, SSX Tricky also has extra features. Some of these features come in the manner of DVD-style extras. For instance, there are short movie clips of each celebrity as he or she gives voice recordings and personal thoughts about the project. David Arquette is particularly entertaining as he is shown giving a voice to Eddie.

Multiplayer Support

Pulling off a successful split-screen multiplayer option is a daunting task and usually it ends up being difficult to see or hard to control. This, however, is one of the stronger points of SSX Tricky as two players can race each other without being hindered by sensitive controls or scaling of the screen that distorts, not allowing enough of the screen to play effectively.



Ssx Tricky Game Download For Android Pc


Visually, the game is top notch. The courses are beautifully detailed and different from each other. You'll see things like snow spraying off the board when cutting and large amounts of detail in the riders and their environments. As with most EA Sports games, you can generally expect above average graphics and that's the case here.


In addition to the celebrity voices, various bands were used to record the music. Groups like Run DMC, Mixmaster Mike, and Rasmus all recorded various songs, with over fifteen groups participating. To keep the audio from becoming stale, each course has its own theme song and the sound effects are realistic, helping to immerse players in the game.

Bottom Line

SSX Tricky is a game that won't spend much time on the shelf. It delivers solid gameplay that outperforms its predecessor in almost every aspect. With new and remade courses, the addition of celebrity voices and professional music groups, and gameplay that gives it a lifespan well beyond anything currently on the market, SSX Tricky will find few unsatisfied customers.

Overall rating: 8