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Call of the Ninja v1.3 has been released and should update on your steam account automatically.
This update attempts to address the issue of 'cracks' appearing between sprites which seems to be related to the scaling used to make the game appear at the correct aspect ratio on different resolution screens. It also appears to be related to the Steam Overlay, since it doesn’t seem to happen when run from windows directly and will often clear up if you alt-tab to the desktop and back. This has made it quite a tricky problem to fix!
I have also beeng pulled away to work on other projects full time so haven't had as much time to look at the problem as I would have liked. :/
Hopefully the issue is sorted!
  • Tweaks made to the graphics to that the ninjas animate more smoothly now.
  • Shadows on the running ninjas are now more realistic.
  • Removed the tutorial from the intro sequence, as these didn’t really fit in well.


Website resdesign is now up and live on www.TeraBit-Software.co.uk so you shouldn't need to update your bookmarks.
Contact panel is also up and running!


The 'TeraTransfer and TeraDecal' Blueprint pack goes live today on the Unreal Marketplace!
To help you hit the ground running with the system, we've recorded a new 'Tips and Tricks' tutorial video.
Tips and TricksOverview here
If you want a longer introduction then watch the longer version here


Introducing some Utility Blueprints for Unreal
Engine 4.8+ which greatly simplify the process of decorating and making levels feel unique.
TeraTransfer and TeraDecal Blueprint pack
If you want a longer introduction then watch the longer version on YouTube


The weather may be getting warmer, but the Ninjas are all bundled up!
IndieGala are featuring them as part of their weekly bundle!
Grab a copy while you can at:
Go-Ninja-Go! :)


We're happy to announce that Call of the Ninja is now available on Steam.
Full Steam Ahead! :)


We're pleased to announce that the Sci-Fi novel 'The Voran Incident'
is now live on the Amazon website and available for the Kindle platform.
Aimed at young readers from 10 years and up, it tells the story of a lone A.I on a
crippled starship, that after receiving a distress call from a strange alien race,
undertakes one last rescue mission. But all is not as it seems...
Check it out on the
Amazon Kindle Store!
$2.99 /£1.99


Now available!


Call of the Ninja 1.0 is now available!
Guide your troop of ninjas to the Dojo in this fun puzzle platformer over the course of 30 Levels!

Terabit Virus Maker Free Download

Terabit Virus Maker 32 Download Free

Terabit Virus Maker 3.2. This is a powerful virus maker coded in visual basics 6.0. Create virus of your choice by selecting from a lot of options. Only $39.95 - Buy & Download Now.Products,Wipe Single Computer,Wipe Multiple Computers TeraBit Virus Maker 3.2 for Windows 7 Spectre 19.53. Cara Download di JalanTikus. Download Untuk User VPN/SSH. Ketentuan Pengguna. Terabit Virus Maker salah satu software untuk membuat virus komputer yang paling mudah untuk dipakai. Karena scriptnya sudah ada, kamu hanya tinggal pilih mau buat virus seperti apa. Ekstensinya juga beragam loh. Kamu bisa kirim virus ini melalui email, menyisipi ke.