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To use UTF-8, changed from English to 'UTF-8' or 'Japanese' or 'Korean' under Setup->General menu.

When the Language 'UTF-8' is selected, below function can not be used beside Japanese setting.

  • The JIS, EUC and SJIS character code except for UTF-8
  • Specifying Japanese character set of ISO/IEC 2022
  • TTXKanjiMenu plug-in

Thank you for downloading Tera Term from our software portal. The version of Tera Term you are about to download is 4.105. The download was scanned for viruses by our system. We also recommend you to check the files before installation. The contents of the download are original and were not modified in any way. Teraterm For Mac Free Download Brinno Video Player For Mac Dying Light / Left 4 Dead 2 Download For Mac Final Cut Pro Mac full. free download Special Warfare Download For Mac Cross-Stitch Puzzle Download How To Install Universal Catalytic Converter Without Welding Victoria 2 Mac Free Download Idump For Mac Free Download.

If you set the Language 'Japanese' or 'Korean', select 'Terminal' from the Tera Term 'Setup' menu. Inside the dialog-box, select 'UTF-8' from 'Kanji(receive)' or 'Kanji(transmit)'. There is no need to restart Tera Term to activate these configuration changes.
When 'UTF8' is specified with '/KT' or '/KR' option in the command line, UTF-8 encoding/decoding can be used during transmitting and receiving of data.

Actually, Tera Term does not support completely Unicode language because the internal design is based on MBCS(Multiple Byte Character Set). So, the Unicode characters are two-step conversion as follows.

(1): Unicode information is no longer missing on decoding UTF-8 because four byte UTF-8 is supported after version 4.102.
When the KanjiCode(recv) is set to UTF-8m, a part of combining character are processed for Mac OS X(HFS+).
(2): A user must specify the locale to convert the characters between Unicode and MBCS.

To enable Unicode character sets with the localized language, you have to set properly the locale parameters in the 'teraterm.ini' file. See example of these values below.

To change this value, you can use [Locale] in 'Terminal setup' dialog-box.

Check the following web-sites to learn more about setting of locale in Tera Term:

Example of WindowsXP Simplified Chinese

  • On Setup -> Terminal dialog, select locale=chs.
  • On Setup -> Font dialog, select FontName=NSimSun, CharacterSet=CHINESE_GB2312 and Size=9.

Example of WindowsXP USA

And you have to configure the font setting correctly to display MBCS.
You can choose a font from Setup->Font dialog-box. Select a font that include characters what you want to display. And select 'Script' what you want to display.
Tera Term can display other language characters if locale and font settings are correct. For example 'Japanese' characters on 'English' Windows, 'Korean' characters on 'Japanese' Windows.
But Tera Term doesn't support the multilingual display, and therefore it can't display 'Japanese' and 'Korean' at the same time on one Tera Term window.

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[NOTE] for Mac OS X users

For Mac OS X(HFS+) use 'UTF-8m' encoding. Currently it only supports receiving mode.
To use this mode specify 'UTF8m' as the value of the command line parameter '/KR'.

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[NOTE] Language Strings for Locale

Teraterm Macro Language For Dummies

Primary languageSub-languageLanguage string
ChineseChinese (simplified)'chinese-simplified' or 'chs'
ChineseChinese (traditional)'chinese-traditional' or 'cht'
CzechCzech'csy' or 'czech'
DanishDanish'dan' or 'danish'
DutchDutch (default)'dutch' or 'nld'
DutchDutch (Belgium)'belgian', 'dutch-belgian', or 'nlb'
EnglishEnglish (default)'english'
EnglishEnglish (Australia)'australian', 'ena', or 'english-aus'
EnglishEnglish (Canada)'canadian', 'enc', or 'english-can'
EnglishEnglish (New Zealand)'english-nz' or 'enz'
EnglishEnglish (United Kingdom)'eng', 'english-uk', or 'uk'
EnglishEnglish (United States)'american', 'american english', 'american-english', 'english-american', 'english-us', 'english-usa', 'enu', 'us', or 'usa'
FinnishFinnish'fin' or 'finnish'
FrenchFrench (default)'fra' or 'french'
FrenchFrench (Belgium)'frb' or 'french-belgian'
FrenchFrench (Canada)'frc' or 'french-canadian'
FrenchFrench (Switzerland)'french-swiss' or 'frs'
GermanGerman (default)'deu' or 'german'
GermanGerman (Austria)'dea' or 'german-austrian'
GermanGerman (Switzerland)'des', 'german-swiss', or 'swiss'
GreekGreek'ell' or 'greek'
HungarianHungarian'hun' or 'hungarian'
IcelandicIcelandic'icelandic' or 'isl'
ItalianItalian (default)'ita' or 'italian'
ItalianItalian (Switzerland)'italian-swiss' or 'its'
JapaneseJapanese'japanese' or 'jpn'
KoreanKorean'kor' or 'korean'
NorwegianNorwegian (default)'norwegian'
NorwegianNorwegian (Bokmal)'nor' or 'norwegian-bokmal'
NorwegianNorwegian (Nynorsk)'non' or 'norwegian-nynorsk'
PolishPolish'plk' or 'polish'
PortuguesePortuguese (default)'portuguese' or 'ptg'
PortuguesePortuguese (Brazil)'portuguese-brazilian' or 'ptb'
RussianRussian (default)'rus' or 'russian'
SlovakSlovak'sky' or 'slovak'
SpanishSpanish (default)'esp' or 'spanish'
SpanishSpanish (Mexico)'esm' or 'spanish-mexican'
SpanishSpanish (Modern)'esn' or 'spanish-modern'
SwedishSwedish'sve' or 'swedish'
TurkishTurkish'trk' or 'turkish'

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