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TP-Link Tether is a smart way of controlling your range extender from PC. The app is a perfect companion for TP-Link Routers. Control the router settings easily from your desktop.

The application is easy to download and use. It is available on both Play Store and App
Store. Therefore, can be used conveniently on android and iOS devices.
The app is extremely simple to set up and use. Users can adjust the settings of the app and apply parental control. The app comes with plenty other features which makes it a great solution to have. Unfortunately the TP-Link Tethering is not available for PC yet. But obviously, there is a way around that issue.

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Download TP-Link Tether for P(Mac)

  • The utility tool is available for free on the App Store. Mac users can directly get the app from here with the help of an emulator.
  • An emulator is a smart piece of software. It is a convenient way of emulating the interface of one device onto another. Therefore the emulator can be used to replicate the interface of iPhone or iPad on Mac devices.
  • One of the best emulators for Mac is iPadian. It is a free and reliable software, specific for iOS devices. Download it from the official website of iPadian and get it installed.
  • Once installed and launched, you will discover your PC to mimic the interface of your iPhone. Now search for the App Store and visit it.
  • You will need to sign in the first time you visit App Store after installing iPadian. Sign in with your Apple Id and password. Search for the app in the search bar.
  • Download the TP-Link Tether app and install it on your PC. The app should be ready for use.

Download TP-Link Tether for PC(Windows)

  • TP-Link Tether app can be downloaded and used on Windows PCs simply with the help of an emulator.
  • As it was discussed, an emulator replicates the interface of one device onto another. It can be used to run android apps of Windows computers without any glitch. For an emulator can successfully emulate the interface of a smartphone onto a desktop.
  • The smartest emulator for Windows devices is Bluestacks. It is the perfect software to help run android apps and games on computers. Visit the official website of Bluestacks to get it for free.
  • After Bluestacks has been downloaded on your device, find and install the software. Accept the Terms and Conditions and follow the installation process. The application will seek your permission to reboot your device before completing installation. This is a necessary step so allow it.
  • Bluestacks will be ready for use after the restart. Launch the emulator and search for TP-Link Tether app. Click on the app to get in on your device.
  • Once downloaded, find and install the app. You can now control your router remotely from your PC through this app.
  • You can directly download it from here.

Features in the app

  • When it comes to features, the app does not shy away. It has got lots of positives going its way.
  • The most important aspect of any utility app is its interface. TP-Link Tether is a winner at that. The app has simple, user-friendly interface. It is easy to use and can be downloaded for free.
  • The app is compatible with a vast range of Routers, xDSL Routers, Extender and Cable Modem Router. No matter the device you are using, control tethering remotely from your PC.
  • The app allows you to change the settings of the router. This includes changing password and other security settings. Block off users not authorized by you or change the parental controls of your device. The app provides you with utmost control.
  • The app also lists the entire browser history for you. This lends transparency to your internet usage. You can switch off or restart the router remotely without bothering to get up from your seat.
  • The app allows you to control multiple TP-Link devices together, at the same time. And with the control residing with you, no one can share the network without your permission.

Similar Apps

TP-Link Deco

Control all the Wifi devices at your home or office with the app. It allows you to control them remotely from your Pc or smartphones. Create Guest Network for other people. The app is extremely easy to set up and provides monthly reporting. The parental controls within the app allows you create timer and keep track on browsing history.

D-Link Wifi

The app does so much more than controlling your router remotely. Keep an eye on everyone using your network. Check out your connectivity and create a Guest Network. So that next time you do not have to share your password with every member of the network. Create a schedule and monitor exactly who shares your network.

TP-Link Omada

The number of devices controlled by the app is huge. This versatility is a boon for the app. The app has a sophisticated interface and set up. It synchronizes with all EAPs on its own. Control and expel users from your network. Gain the Parental Control mode and utmost security with the app.

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