Windows Startup Wav Files


All except for Windows Startup.wav. When my computer starts up, the sound does not play, and when I double click the file in the folder, it only makes a brief 'click sound'. I tried replacing it with one from my friends Windows 7 machine, but it strangely just makes the same 'click' sound in WMP. Tick the box that says Play Windows Startup sound. Find Windows Logon in the Program Events section, and single-click it. You can hear the current sound by clicking the Test button. To change the current sound to your tone, click the Browse button. Navigate to the folder where your WAV tone is located, and double-click it. Windows 7 default sounds. These sounds are shipped with Windows 7. At this moment, this is the latest generation of Windows sounds. If you would like to apply these sounds to Windows 8, Windows XP or some other OS, you can download them below. This sound pack includes 46 genuine files from Windows 7.

Even though the Windows Startup folder got put on the back burner quite some time ago, it is still available, hidden within the deep data structure of Windows 10. It sounds complicated to find.

Windows Startup Wav Files

Windows Startup Wav Files List

Windows NT 4 default sounds is a set of sound files which was shipped with Windows NT 4. They are regular well known sounds applicable to any modern version of Windows. You can give them a try.


The following files are included in this pack:

The Microsoft Sound.wav
Windows NT Logoff Sound.wav
Windows NT Logon Sound.wav

Size: 48 Kb

Windows Startup Wav Files File

Format: zip archive.

To install this sound scheme easily, extract all files into your C:WindowsMedia directory and refer to the following article: How to change Windows sounds.